Snowstorm Coming? Make Sure You’ve Reinforced Your Roof

Snowstorm Coming? Make Sure You’ve Reinforced Your RoofWe’re in the dead of winter, and on the East Coast, you know what that means: blizzards. Is a snowstorm on its way? Ice and snow can cause severe damage to your roof, so be sure to take precautions sooner than later. 2019 has only just begun, and no one wants to start off a new year with expensive roof damage. Here are some tips to help prevent ice and snow buildup from causing major problems to your roof.

Keep the Attic Cold

Your attic should be properly insulated to allow just enough heat to escape. Keeping the attic slightly cold will allow the snow to melt slowly and safely. If snow melts too quickly, it may create hazardous ice dams, clog gutters, damage roofs and cause dangerous icicles.

If you do have an attic, make sure to speak to a Connecticut Homeowners Insurance agent to help determine the coverage your home needs. Special features like attics may not be completely covered under a general homeowners policy, and you’ll want to make sure your entire home will be protected.

Don’t Let Ice and Snow Build Up

Roofs are made to withstand certain amount of weight; however, if snow levels are too deep, it is possible for a roof to collapse under the weight. Even homes that are built a little sturdier than others can have snow build up that causes a collapse.

Be sure to properly clear your roof after every major storm. You never want to have more than a foot of snow on the roof at one time. Consider using a roof rake to clear off snow, since they are lightweight and have extension poles they can be really helpful.

Clear the Gutters

It is likely for ice to build up in the gutters. If too much ice builds up, the gutters become too heavy and can rip away, causing extensive and expensive damage to the property. You can try to chip the ice from gutters, but that is extremely dangerous and can easily cause damage. A roofing professional is recommended to ensure the gutters are cleared safety and adequately.

Ice Damage

Melting snow and ice can back up and slip under the shingles, allowing water to seep into the cracks in the roof. The moisture becomes stuck can cause those ugly brown stains you may have seen on ceilings, among other effects.

In regards to icicles, knocking them off is not recommended and can easily cause damage to eaves, flashing and gutters.  A professional roofer can assist with proper removal if the weather doesn’t ease up enough for the icicles to melt.

Take advantage of our Connecticut Homeowners Insurance program so you are property protected this winter. Even if an unexpected storm strikes, we’ll be there to help you through it.

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