Preparing Your Home for Spring

Preparing Your Home for SpringIs your home ready for all that spring entails? Spring will be here before you know it and after the harsh winter weather, there are parts of your home that have probably been neglected. Prepare now so you can enjoy the warmer weather when it arrives. Sometimes it is the little things that matter most, and home maintenance is the perfect example. Byrnes Agency is prepared to protect your home in event of damage, but you can prevent potential damage by making these small adjustments to your home as spring draws nearer.

Exterior Wear and Tear

Take a walk around your home and thoroughly check out the lining around windows and doors. You may notice that you need to replace old caulk and weather stripping. Next, examine your roof. To your surprise, there may be some loose or missing shingles. A roof refresh is commonly needed after a brutal winter. Also, while you’re up there, you may want to clear out your gutters and check your drain spouts for debris to prevent backup.

Your Landscape

Ensure your garden hoses and walkways are ready and at their best. Check for cracks that are in need of repair. Cracked concrete may need to be patched to prevent further expansion. Next, rake away all tree rubbish. Clearing anything that could hold excess moisture is key to keeping your landscape healthy.

Interior Systems

Don’t forget about where you spend most of your time! Now is a good time to clean your fireplace since it probably won’t be used as frequently in the spring and summer. Test out all emergency systems in your home such as the security, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms, along with the fire extinguisher to be sure all are functioning in case of an emergency. It is easy to overlook these, but it is always better to be prepared.  A simple spring maintenance check making sure everything is working properly could make all the difference in an emergency situation.


Although spring is beautiful, it can bring in the dust, pollen, and mold, which can be a nightmare for people with allergies. Declutter your home in advanced so these allergies don’t get out of hand. Remember to keep all the windows closed during windy conditions, and using filters in the air conditioning could help with your home’s air quality. Take the time to get rid of old, useless items and promote clean air with a well-ventilated house and maintaining humidity levels. Keep mold at bay by checking water pipes for leaks. You may want to keep in mind that fabrics and carpet generate dust. Simple cleanliness can have a massive positive impact on allergen levels.


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