Preventing Home Mishaps This Holiday Season

Preventing Home Mishaps This Holiday SeasonChristmas is approaching quickly, which means now is the time to address any home hiccups you might have to ensure a smooth hosting event. The last thing you need is for your oven to fail or your toilet to clog when company is over, so we’ve provided a simple list to address these common issues this time of year. Before reading on, ensure your home remains protected throughout the year with a custom tailored Windham County Home Insurance policy.

If the heat won’t turn on…

This is the worst-case scenario in the blistering Connecticut cold. But, rather than having to coax your guests into keeping their coats on inside, you can prevent this with a simple strategy. House Logic states that the key to avoiding freezing your party to a standstill is regular maintenance of your HVAC. Every 90 days, a new one-inch pleated furnace filter should be installed. If you haven’t done it in a while, now’s a good time to replace it. Also inspect insulation on refrigerant lines that are leading into your house. Replace them if they’re missing or damaged.

To stop your toilet from clogging…

Nothing should be flushed down the toilet except for toilet paper. In case your guests forget this important rule, keep a bottle of draining solution handy and keep a plunger close by.

To prevent your oven from breaking…

The holidays are the perfect time to show off your cooking and baking skills with the help of your trusty oven. However, to prevent your oven from blowing a fuse, don’t run the self-clean option until after your guests have left. Attempting to find a repairman during the holidays is a recipe for disaster.

To prevent clogging in your kitchen sink…

Frying up a turkey or special desserts for the showpiece of your meal is a great idea. Throwing out oils, fats and starches in your garbage disposal is not.

Know the limits of your disposal and if you’re unsure of anything, throw it in the trash instead. Just in case, invest in a drain snake (they’re about $15 at any hardware store) so that you can rid the drain of unwanted items before it clogs your kitchen sink.

As a rule of thumb, prevent throwing potato skins or protein skins down the drain. They tend to get mushy and prevent the disposal from doing its job.

This simple list is easy to remember, and you’ll be better suited for hosting your family for the holidays.

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