Adding Value to Your Home: Kitchen Fixes

Adding Value to Your Home: Kitchen FixesAdding value to your home is one of the best things to spend money on. Not only do these updates make your home more functional and modern, they’re also guaranteed to give you some return on your investment: especially in the kitchen. As the heart of the home, most people view the kitchen as the most important room in the house. Any updates to make it look and work beautifully is going to be money well spent. In this article, we’re going to provide some advice on easy ways to add value to your kitchen. Most importantly, however, is ensuring your home is protected by a Windham County Home Insurance policy.

Get the most out of your island.

If your kitchen layout allows for an island, this is one of the best ways you can increase counter space and functionality. If you don’t have a lot of room, but still want the added value of an island, consider a mobile workstation that can be moved around when needed.

If you’re adding an island or breakfast bar, make sure it’s the proper height: 36 inches for a countertop and 42 to 46 inches for a breakfast bar. Also, ensure the countertop has a 12-inch overhang so family and friends will be comfortable when seated, says HGTV.

Keep it neutral.

Unless you’re planning on staying in your home for the rest of your life, stick to a neutral color scheme. Pops of color are fun, such as accent pieces and backsplashes, but overall a neutral color scheme is the most functional for kitchens. If you go overboard with color and want to sell the home in a few years, this could turn off potential buyers.

Spruce your cabinets.

Even dated cabinets can be given a simple facelift to change the look of your kitchen. Clean them, sand them down, add a fresh coat of durable paint and add new hardware to modernize the space.

Improve fixtures and lighting.

These simple fixes go a long way. Add new lighting fixtures to brighten up the kitchen and consider investing in quality sinks and faucets. Stainless steal is easier to maintain and it looks great.

Make it match.

If you have to replace one appliance, that doesn’t mean you have to purchase all new appliances to match. Instead, you can purchase doors or panels from the same vendor, if applicable, which will save you thousands of dollars.

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