Yes, Wind and Hail Insurance Claims Can Strike This Summer

Yes, Wind and Hail Insurance Claims Can Strike This SummerIt is not uncommon for homeowners have had to file homeowners insurance claims just to start getting back on their feet after natural disasters; however there are some things you can do to help prevent common home insurance claims. This is the first installment of a series on some of the most common homeowners insurance claims. Stay tuned each week for a new blog about a common homeowners insurance claim and how you can protect yourself and your home.

Our first topic of discussion is wind and hail damage. Don’t let the season fool you: strong winds are characteristic of hurricanes (and as of June 1st, we are officially in Atlantic Hurricane Season), and hailstorms are a surprisingly common occurrence in the early summer. Rather than letting yourself get caught off guard, protect your home with a Connecticut Homeowners Insurance policy and take a look at these tips for wind and hail safety.

Wind and Hail Storms

There’s not much you can do to avoid wind and hail except take cover. That is why it is important to prepare.  

Anything exposed outside is easily susceptible to damage, but if there’s anything you can secure or store properly, take advantage of that. Bring all easy-to-move items indoors. If something is too large or heavy to store inside, try storing it in a safe and tight-fitted space outside.


Check your roof for any damage and corrosion that it may have sustained in the past. If your roof is prone to leaks, delamination and swelling can occur, ruining structural integrity. If this has happened, consult a contractor immediately.

It’s usually the shingles that will take the most damage, so consider investing in impact-resistant asphalt shingles.


Wind shutters are a great investment to make to prevent damage to the inside of your house. These are simple shutters that cover the outside of the window. They can be closed during high winds to prevent windows from breaking and wind from ravage the inside of the house. Another option is impact-resistant windows. They cost more but last longer and may be more effective.


Use a door that opens outward. Inward opening doors are more prone to failing under the high pressure of strong winds. You may want to reinforce double doors with extra bolts to ensure stability.


Remove any limbs that hang over your house or cars. Look for cracks in tree trunks, mushrooms, or any other fungus. Fungus indicates that there is significant rotting present. Rotting trees are more likely to be weaker and should be cut down.  Also, take note if any large trees are rooted in loose soil, as they can be in danger of being blown over entirely and could severely damage your house.

You never know for sure when the next windstorm or hail may come. Stay prepared with homeowners insurance, and stay tuned for our next blog.

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