Connecticut Wedding Insurance: Going Green Trend

Connecticut Wedding Insurance: Going Green TrendConnecticut Wedding Insurance: Going Green Trend

Going green can imply a number of things. You could recycle. Save money on your Connecticut Wedding Insurance. Eat locally sourced food. Start a compost pile to reduce your waste. Drive an electric or hybrid car. Extremists might nix the car entirely and bike instead. Now, you can add weddings to the list.

A recent Reuters article highlighted the newest wedding trend: green, sustainable weddings. As environmental concerns increase, and the rise in eco-friendly living continues to climb, more and more couples want their wedding to be a reflection of their values.

Elements of a green wedding can include everything from invitations printed on recycled paper to drinks served in glasses instead of disposable plastic tumblers to minimize waste. Some go paperless, using only web invites. Other options include designing a menu with locally grown food, using only free range, grass feed meat, or decorating with local flowers.

An eco-chic bride could donate her wedding gown to charity after the big day, or choose a caterer that will donate any unused food. The more extreme green brides will even borrow items for the big day, including the dresses.

However, going green doesn’t necessarily lighten the price tag. Organic food, recycled invitations, and using glass tumblers over disposable cups can add significant cost to weddings. Grass-fed, free-range meat for example, can cost 30 percent more than regular meat. Nevertheless, green weddings currently hold a steady 11 percent of all weddings in the U.S.

Whether you’re the bride & groom or the parents of the lovely couple, planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful. There are so many details and people to depend on to get the day just right.

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