Control Loss Causes Ashford Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Control Loss Causes Ashford Motorcycle Insurance Claims Control Loss Causes Ashford Motorcycle Insurance Claims

According to data recently released by Progressive Corp., the insurance providers, single vehicle accidents are the greatest loss exposures Connecticut motorcyclists face out on the road. Progressive’s claims data indicates that despite popular belief, fewer motorcycle accident involve another vehicles, for example vehicle collisions, than solely involve the motorcycle and its driver.

According to Progressive’s data, motorcyclists may be their own greatest risk exposure out on the road. The insurer processed 3.5 times as many single-vehicle accident claims for motorcycles as they did rear-end collisions, which are the second largest risk exposures for motorcyclists. Experts suggest that two huge factors contributing to motorcycle accidents is speed and the driver’s ability to maintain control over their vehicle at all times. Experts suggest that motorcycle handling is much more challenging that operating a standard four-wheeled vehicle to begin with. With the addition of outside distractions, higher sensitivity to road hazards and condition, and higher speed of travel, motorcyclists can more easily lose control of their bikes resulting in serious consequences.

Furthermore, many officials suggest that as motorcyclists drive at higher speeds they are unable to identify and react to obstacles they many encounter on the road, which is one of the greatest factors in single-vehicle accidents. The most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2013 indicates that there were more than 32,000 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists made up 14% of all those vehicle-related fatalities in 2013, which is a substantial increase from making up 9% of all motorist deaths in 2004.  As such, officials are cautioning motorcyclists to remain “extremely vigilant” at all times on the road, even when no other vehicles are around.

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