Coolest Places to Go Off-Roading in Connecticut

Off-roading is enthralling if you enjoy adventure, adrenaline, and the outdoors. Connecticut residents are fortunate because they have access to various parks and trails perfect for this activity. If you’re planning on venturing out on your four-wheeler, you need to ensure that you have the right off-road vehicle insurance before doing so. Learn more about the best off-roading locations in CT.

Get Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Before You Hit the Trail

If you take the proper safety precautions, off-roading doesn’t have to be a dangerous activity. Unfortunately, though, there are many risks that you must be aware of when you venture onto unpaved terrain. It is evident when considering the number of injuries and deaths that involve ATVs. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is an average of 1,300 deaths related to ATV accidents in a year. Insurance can cover the liability of injuries or property damage that may emerge when you ride your ATV.

Explore the Off-Roading Wilderness at Lockes Meadow

Lockes Meadow is one of the top-rated places to go off-roading in Connecticut. Located in Plainfield, CT, it’s a great place to go hiking, explore the outdoors, and ride your ATV. Fans of this area say that it features beautiful scenery and that it’s appropriate for ATV riders of all skill levels. The trail spans about three miles and is adjacent to a pond with wildlife.

Find Challenging Trails at Pachaug State Forest

For the more experienced ATV rider, Pachaug State Forest is the ideal spot. This park features a massive area, encompassing more than 27,000 acres, making it the Connecticut state forest system’s most extensive forest. ATV enthusiasts will find plenty of trails off the beaten path perfect for ATV racing and exploration. The hills and bumps make for some challenging terrain, but avid ATV riders will likely enjoy the unpredictability of the area’s trails. Hiking trails also sit alongside the park’s ATV trails.

Discover Off-Roading at North Tower Hill Road

North Tower Hill Road is another popular spot for ATV riding in Connecticut. Located in Killingworth, this road is a long, forested trail where riders can enjoy primarily flat terrain. The area features tall Spruce trees and a river adjacent to the trail. Visitors can get to the trail from Spruce Ledge Rd. or Deep River Rd., which offers access at the top and bottom of the trail.

Protect Yourself With Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

No matter what trail you tackle, off-road vehicle insurance is necessary. Off-roading comes with risks, and if you don’t account for these risks, you could face significant expenses if somebody gets injured or your ATV gets damaged. The right insurance can cover these expenses so you can enjoy off-roading with complete peace of mind. Always wear the proper protective gear and follow all safety guidelines when venturing off-road in Connecticut.

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