CT Car Insurance: Tired Drivers Pose Biggest Threat

CT Car Insurance: Tired Drivers Pose Biggest Threat CT Car Insurance Tired Drivers Pose Biggest Threat

Everyone knows that driving impaired can greatly inhibit a driver’s ability to react and control their vehicle; however impairment is not limited to intoxication or improper use of mobile devices. There are a number of common habits that motorists share that can impede a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle which in turn increase the risk of accidents.

According to a recent survey by CarInsurance.com, many drivers regularly get behind the wheel when they know they shouldn’t, and the most common driving impairment isn’t alcohol or substance related. In fact, it’s something that many drivers do on a daily basis and almost all motorists have done at some point in their live; drowsy driving. Drowsy driving may not seem nearly as dangerous as operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance or texting while driving, but according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, one out of every eight fatal car crashes in the U.S. involves tired drivers on the road. They estimate that roughly 100,000 crashes per year occur as a result from drowsy drivers. Those accidents leave an over 71,000 people injured and 1,500 dead each year.

68 percent of drivers surveyed in the CarInsurance.com poll admitted to driving when they were tired or sleepy.  Drowsy driving is not the only common habit however. The second most common risk factor among drivers was driving while sick or injured. 53 percent of drivers admit to driving with a headache and another 35 percent claimed that they drive while being sick. Furthermore, 16 percent of motorists reported operating their vehicle while not wearing their corrective lenses and glasses, and 8 percent of respondents even admitted to driving with a broken arm. The amount of respondents who reported driving while intoxicated was only 23 percent, which is roughly a third of those who have driven drowsy.

Drivers who are incapacitated or impaired to any extent by any factor are highly more likely to cause an accident, which can have dramatic effects on both you physical and financial well-being. Among the potential medical and property damage expenses you can incur from an accident your CT car insurance premiums could increase as well. If you are found to be at-fault for an accident, your will likely receive points on your driving record and the incident could even disqualify you from receiving a good driver discount.

At Byrnes Agency, we believe in protecting our drivers for the many risks they face on the road, including other drivers. We offer the most comprehensive Connecticut auto insurance coverage in the area to ensure that our clients and their families are safe out on the road. Our personal insurance specialists can help secure the best coverage for your needs. Contact Us today to learn more about our low CT car insurance rates and complete coverage.

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