Employee Benefits: Ideas to De-Stress

Employee Benefits: Ideas to De-StressEmployee Benefits: Ideas to De-Stress

We are stressed. Between work, home, family, the millions of errands, never-ending schedule and somehow not enough time in the day, it is no wonder that we all experience some level of stress on a daily basis. But how much does it affect us? And what can we do to alleviate it?

Stress can be physical, such as subjecting our muscles to weightlifting at the gym. But it can also be what is in our heads, that overwhelming feeling you have way too much to do and too little time to do it. According to Greatist, Americans rated their personal stress levels at an average of 5.2 out of 10. Twenty-two percent admit to being under extreme stress on a regular basis.

There are hundreds of things that can stress us out, and it varies widely according to the individual. According to LiveStrong, the top causes of stress are childhood trauma, the death of a loved one, divorce, finances, job, health, personal relationships, even pregnancy.

Managing stress helps individuals become happier and healthier overall. Here are some tips to de-stress.

  • Seek professional help if you feel like you’re burning out. They can help talk through your stress and give you tools to help manage it.
  • Get creative. Find an outlet that works for you. Painting, cooking, dancing, writing, anything that makes you temporarily forget your schedule will work. Make sure to schedule time for it at least once a week.
  • Get out in the sun. Numerous studies have shown that spending time in nature lowers anxiety, stress, depression and boosts your overall well-being.

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