How Contractors Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

How Contractors Can Use Social Media to Boost BusinessNo matter the business or industry, every company needs a marketing strategy of some kind. Word of mouth has helped companies for decades, even centuries, but in today’s digitally connected and dependent consumer world, it’s important to have a more modern approach to reaching new customers and boosting your reputation and services.

One way this is done is through social media. While people use apps and sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all kinds of reasons, a big reason is to research companies and trends to do business with them. In fact, one survey shows that 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to making a buying decision. This means that your business, no matter the service, can take advantage of social media in order to improve sales and reach a new customer base.

Here’s how this can be done:

Why Contractors Should Use Social Media

One reason why contractors should use social media is simply that everyone is on social media. People even have accounts for their family pets. But a big reason why is because it creates an opportunity to gain a new customer following while staying in touch with current customers who may want to come back for more business. It’s a newer important component of a business today and just as crucial to a company’s operations as obtaining local CT contractors insurance to protect them during possible claims.

Social media is a great way to find out what prospective customers are looking for in services. From food to family services, baseball games to vacation destinations, social media has boosted research and helped people make better, more informed decisions. You can use your social media pages to find out what people are saying when they are looking for a contractor and what type of services they want.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Business

People go on social media for many reasons; to stay in touch with friends and family, post vacation pictures, or scroll through to find the next great date spot. This is why it’s a great marketing tool for businesses. Social media opens up the opportunity to market your business without having to rely on an old fashioned sales pitch.

  • Messaging: While it’s not possible to reach every user on Facebook or Twitter, for example, it’s still possible to reach enough people to add to your overall business. As you gain followers, your current followers can share content with everyone else, which can allow for a farther reach. When this happens, you become more relatable. Social media allows prospective customers to learn more about your company and develop a real understanding that doesn’t have to rely on transactions.
  • Targeted Ads: Social media is free to use and post updates and media. But it can also present opportunities for paid advertising options that can give your sales a little oomph. With the right targeted ads, which zero-in on your intended audience, you can reach those who are more than likely to be interested in your contracting services. This is a cost-effective market strategy for your growing company.
  • Post Regularly: By posting on a regular basis and sticking to a schedule, you have the potential to reach people throughout the entire day. Start by making updates a few times a day on your pages with links to industry news or by showing off recently completed projects you finished. Go visual by showing off your work through videos and images. Also, open up the floor for discussion by posting questions to your customers or allow them to ask questions right to your page.
  • Monitor and Track Results: A social media marketing strategy is all a guessing game from the start, but over time you can track your results to adjust accordingly. You won’t have a full grasp of the effectiveness of your social media posting unless you track it, so it’s important to measure things like the number of followers you have on each channel, customer feedback, and the impact of things like videos and images.

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