How Often Should You Review Your Insurance Policies?

How Often Should You Review Your Insurance Polices?It is important that you stay well informed of your insurance policies and up to date with your insurance needs. A good first step to this process is having an insurance agency that takes a personal approach to understand you and your unique needs, and planning your insurance in Connecticut is made easy with Byrnes Agency. You can rely on Byrnes for all your personal and business insurance essentials and to review your policies as needed. Typically, you should review your insurance policies at least once a year, as well as in the special occasions listed below.

Life Changes

If you or someone covered under your insurance plan experiences a major life change than it would be smart to contact your insurance agent to speak with them about any necessary adjustments to your policy. There is a possibility that certain life changes will significantly impact your insurance needs. These types of transitions include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • A new child
  • Dramatic health differences
  • Becoming financially responsible for an aging parent
  • House purchase
  • House refinance
  • Requiring long-term care
  • Acquiring an inheritance

In short, there is an endless list of things that can impact your policy. Even adult children moving back into the family home could lead to some insurance changes. Local agencies are normally more prompt in assisting with these types of policy alterations. If these changes arise, speak with a Connecticut insurance agent to make adjustments to your plan.

Policy Renewal Time

When it comes time that you are required to renew your policy it would be worth the while to review policies with your agent.  Ask any questions or go through any concerns you may have. See if the company has made any changes in coverage over the past year. You may want to make changes to your deductible, add coverage, or make sure you are benefiting from any discounts available to you. A policy renewal is a great time to check in and review each of your insurances policies. Make sure that you are always in the know about exactly what coverage you have, and do not procrastinate on learning more about your plan. Connecticut’s insurance agencies are happy to provide assistance in these areas.

Large Purchases

It’s important to make sure you have proper coverage when making a large purchase. Even when gifted with items such as a diamond ring or expensive artwork, speak with your agent about increasing insurance for personal possessions.

In addition, make sure you review your policies after making major improvements to your home.  It is common to be underinsured after certain home improvements such as adding a new room, enclosing a porch or expanding a kitchen or bathroom. Report any increase in square footage or new structures to the outside of your home to your insurance company. If you have built a gazebo or a new shed or installed a pool or hot tub, it is crucial to speak to your agent. Keep receipts and records in case you need to forward copies to your company. Policies can be dependent on situations and location, so review which specific insurance policies are needed for the state of Connecticut and your individual position.

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