What Today’s Campers Want in a Campground

What Today’s Campers Want in a CampgroundIn the summer and fall months, camping is a popular recreational activity for those who love the great outdoors or just want to get away from the rest of the world for a while. However, with thousands of public and privately-owned campgrounds in the United States, there’s a lot of competition between campgrounds. Campground operations must stay up with today’s trends to uphold a successful business. It’s always beneficial to refresh on current features and learn what people are now looking for in a campground.

The Necessities

There are certain features that every campground should have, regardless of who they are, how long they’ve been established, and where they’re located. These are the features that make camping easier on the guests.

The majority of campers consider fire rings and grills an important amenity while camping. After campers have spent the day exploring, coming back to a fire ring and firewood can make things a lot easier for campers and truly heighten their experience.

It is just as important to have easy access to drinking water. Providing water is especially a great help to campers when the campground is in a remote location where they might not be able to drive nearby to pick some up. If providing water isn’t an option, communicate with campers to bring their own water.  

A toilet and showers are also a great relief to campers. The shower can be anything from attaching a shower head to a hose in a private spot on your land to providing a tub.

Modern Amenities

Many brands are beginning to take note of what millennials and other younger customers look for and are now creating stylish, user-friendly and comfortable products that appeal to this generation. It is important for campground owners to bring these qualities to their sites to stay up with the trends.

It is unlikely for young campers to want to invest in outdoor equipment, particularly if they’re traveling a long way. Be prepared for questions about gear rentals such as tents, stoves, stand up paddle boards and kayaks.

Nowadays, it is a necessary to provide easy access to Wi-Fi. Although camping is about connecting with nature, for younger campers, it’s also about staying connected. Most younger guests use social media everyday while traveling and look for activities worth sharing. Also, make sure it is easy for campers to find and reserve unique spots.

The younger generations often seek the unique. It may be worth your while to invest in enhancements like swimming pools and zip lines, and novel places to sleep like tree houses, teepees and glamping tents.

Today’s Campers Speak

Recently, the owners of the Golden Pond RV Park in Shirley, Arkansas posted a question on Facebook asking what RV-ers and campers really want in their campsite. The results ranged from sensible to a little more outlandish.

Here are some specifics that were asked for by campers (some of which you may get a chuckle out of):

  • A pet friendly site
  • Rec room
  • Firewood delivery
  • Friendly staff
  • Henry Fonda
  • A playground for the kids
  • Plenty of space between sites
  • Privacy
  • Clean, well-lit facilities
  • Separation of childless adults, pets and singles
  • Centrally located kiosk that has a beer tapper, wine keg, and ice cream dispenser
  • A hair salon

Whatever you choose to add to your campground, make sure that you’ve fully assessed its potential risks, and protected your campsite with an insurance policy specifically designed for campgrounds like yours. Yes, they exist! Contact your local Connecticut insurance company for more information.

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