How to Deal with a Troublesome Tenant

How to Deal with a Troublesome TenantBeing a landlord can be a rewarding experience that allows you to practice your business savvy while also being able to flex your interpersonal skills with different people every day. But having a troublesome tenant or multiple tenants can make property management a tough task.

From late rent payments to raucous behavior to consistent complaints by other tenants, having just one resident who causes issues can be a burden, and could have a potential negative impact on the success of your property. Before things get out of hand, it’s best to get the right tips to keep the stress of a troublesome tenant low. Here are some ways to deal with unruly residents.

Get Insured

Apartment insurance isn’t just something that tenants get to cover holes in the walls or stolen televisions. Apartment Building Insurance is something that landlords can invest in to protect their properties and their reputations. Apartment building insurance is a fully comprehensive policy that offers landlords the safety they need to keep their buildings protected when tenants get out of hand with messes, mishaps and more.

Get Everything in Writing

Zillow suggests writing everything down to pad your proof of what tenants have done to the property and what they were responsible for. This is a vital step as documenting your policies and procedures for handling tenant complaints will outline everything from response times to warnings to notices.

Document all interactions with your tenant and take down notes on phone calls and conversations you have with them to make sure all bases are covered. Late payment? Write it down. Maintenance requests? Keep it documented.

Be Calm and Objective

When a tenant gets out of hand or causes damage to your building it’s easy to get caught up in emotions, but this won’t help the matter. Make sure to keep a cool head and gather your thoughts before talking to tenants about the problems they’re causing. Tenants are more receptive to what you tell them if you are more gathered and composed.

Be Communicative and Agreeable

It’s a good rule of thumb to not only keep a cool head but show overwhelming kindness and patience, no matter how hard it may be. This strategy can be used to calm the situation down and open a conversation rather than finger pointing. While this method can be very tough at times, especially with the more difficult tenants, it can help to build a relationship with your tenants.

Ask Tenants to Leave

This is never the most ideal option, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do for not only your property but the other tenants who may be sharing walls. While this may be a difficult task to undergo, it isn’t an impossible feat. Send them a written notice (again, documentation is important) to vacate and be clear in your reasoning. Also, this would be a good time to have proof ready that you tried to work with them on previous complaints and notices.


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