Is Your Apartment Complex Protected Against These Common Claims?

Is Your Apartment Complex Protected Against These Common Winter Claims?Apartment building management companies are required to provide a safe living space, and must be prepared to protect the company from claims with Apartment Building Insurance. Apartment building insurance claims and lawsuits are filed every day by injured tenants and guests, and can do great damage to a complex’s finances and reputation.

Good management companies try to provide safe housing, and avoid costly litigation; however, unfortunately claims are inevitable. Vigilant landlords will conduct regular inspections of their properties to identify and eliminate dangerous conditions. It’s in their best interests to keep their rental properties hazard-free.

Dangers and the Coverage they Require

Every state has premises liability laws that require landlords to maintain a safe environment for tenants and visitors. Without regular maintenance, some of these unsafe conditions can quickly develop:

  • Unstable flooring
  • Faulty appliances
  • Snow and ice
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Electrical shocks
  • Neglected common areas
  • Poorly-maintained apartment pool
  • Falling objects
  • Missing or broken locks
  • Missing or broken smoke alarms

Coverages these dangers can require include:

  • Damages to your property
  • Loss of rents
  • Personal injury liability
  • Medical insurance
  • Litigation fees

Renters and those running the complex both have obligations to ensure the apartment complex is a safe and healthy place to live. Generally, the management team should keep an eye on the common areas, and the tenant should watch out for problems inside their apartment.

Apartment Complex Common Areas

Management is responsible for injuries to tenants caused by poorly maintained common areas of the apartment complex. The management company is also responsible for injuries to a guest or visitor if the circumstances leading to the injury are due to a property hazard. Injuries to renters and their guests that happen inside the tenant’s apartment are more difficult to blame on the management company. Sometimes, the tenant is at least partially to blame.

Managing an apartment complex has an implied or sometimes clear obligation to make regular inspections of the apartment complex common area. The common areas may include parking lots, sidewalks, lobbies and entrances, hallways, stairs, community rooms, and swimming pools.Negligence falls on the complex’s management who fails to make regular property inspections to guard against dangerous conditions. Protect the management company with apartment building insurance.

Make regular inspections of the property. Since renters have an obligation to notify the landlord of problems or hazards inside their unit, the lease lease agreement should specify how and where to report problems.Once an issue is reported, resolve the situation immediately.

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