Lisbon, CT Homeowners Insurance: Building Good Neighbor Relationships

Lisbon, CT Homeowners Insurance: Building Good Neighbor RelationshipsLisbon, CT Homeowners Insurance: Building Good Neighbor Relationships


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new home, such as the schools in the area, or what type of Lisbon, CT Homeowners Insurance policy will best cover your needs. For many prospective homeowners, another important aspect is how you’ll get along with the neighbors.

Here’s a look at why building good neighbor relationships is a good idea, no matter what your neighborhood demographics or features are.

Crime Prevention. Whether you are on an extended vacation or just gone for the night, it pays to have neighbors on the lookout for any suspicious behavior around your home. If your neighborhood doesn’t already have one, it’s a good idea to start a Neighborhood Watch program.

Babysitting. Let’s face it, there are times where you have to get to the bank or post office by a certain time, but you don’t want to wake your child up from their nap. A trusted neighbor is a great choice when you just need a sitter for 15 minutes or so.

Pet Sitting. If you have strong relationships with your neighbors, an informal arrangement can help you avoid some of the high costs of pet sitting and pet boarding when away on vacation.

Approachability. When a neighbor is your friend, it’s a lot easier to approach them about potentially touchy subjects, such as their cat eating your plants or their habit of shoveling snow into your driveway.

Social & Networking Opportunities. Whether you are looking for someone to enjoy a summer BBQ with or a lead for a new job, there is nothing more convenient that being able to walk down the street to a friend’s house. Plus, attending block parties and community events rather than driving out of town helps you save on gas!

The environment in which you live should be just as enjoyable and comfortable as your home’s interior. There is no better way to accomplish this than by building good neighbor relationships.

At Byrnes Agency, we understand the importance of feeling happy in your household. Homeowners throughout Connecticut and Southern New England look to us to protect their homes in the event of damage or liability. We work with some of the most respected carriers in the country, and can provide you with comprehensive Homeowners insurance at competitive pricing. Contact us today for more information.

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