Misusing Products: Unknowingly Ruining Your Yard

Misusing Products: Unknowingly Ruining Your YardSpring brings a lot of rain and the potential to foster a beautiful front or backyard. While you might have a list of to-do’s to get your lawn ready for the warmer weather, have you considered which products you’re using and how they impact the health of your grass, flowers, and plants? In our last post, we examined some of the ways that homeowners unknowingly ruin their yards. This time, we’re going to take a thorough look at how misusing products can compromise your lawn and yard. As we take a closer look, be sure your home (and your yard) are protected a Dayville Home Insurance policy.


As some products are formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent germination of specific weeds, it’s important to look at the labels of the products you’re suing. It’s easy to pick up a commercial weed killer without thinking twice about it. However, be sure to purchase products that are specially crafted to prevent the season’s weeds and annoyances.

Spring is the time to monitor your soil’s temperature. It’s a good idea to pick up a soil thermometer (for about $10-$20). When your soil reaches 58 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to apply herbicide to prevent the growth of crabgrass and other pesky weeds. If you pick up an herbicide that’s formulated for winter, you could inadvertently allow critters and pests to wreak havoc on your lawn and plant beds.


Apply fertilizer just as your grass begins its most active growth. For best results, closely follow the application directions on the product. You’ll spend about $50 to $75 per application for an average 1/4-acre lot, explains House Logic.

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