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Autumn Maintenance Checklist: Tree CareIn our last post, we provided a complete checklist of maintenance items that should be prioritized this autumn season. Tree care, especially in Connecticut, is a huge priority to keep your home and assets safe during the cold weather and storms that will inevitably arrive. In this article, we’ll explore how to care for your trees so that they are not only safer, but they blossom beautifully when spring comes back around. Before reading on, secure your investment against the coming weather perils with a comprehensive Dayville Home Insurance policy.

Give the tree some mulch.

Organic composted mulch will help your trees will help them retain moisture and maintain warmth in plummeting winter temperatures.

Prevent damage.

Branch breakage or splitting can be caused by ice and snow accumulation or chewing and rubbing by animals. You may prevent problems with young trees by wrapping their base in a hard, plastic guard or a metal hardware cloth. Wrapping trees with burlap or plastic cloth also can prevent temperature damage. However, it is important to remember to remove the wraps and guards in the spring to prevent damage when the tree begins to grow, says Horticulture Magazine.

Prune the trees.

Pruning trees keeps them healthy, relieves them of weighted stress, and helps them to continue growing. Research the type of trees you have and determine whether fall is a good time to start pruning them. It may be easier to see the shape and branches of the tree without leaves, but make sure it’s not going to make them more susceptible to damage or rot.

Water the trees.

If you experience a winter drought, this can have the same effect on trees as a summer drought. If it doesn’t rain a snow for a while, consider watering your trees. However, never water them when the soil is frozen, since the tree won’t absorb the water.

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