The Best Methods for Taking Care of Falling Leaves

The Best Methods for Taking Care of Falling LeavesSummer is finally ending, the temperatures are cooling off, and the leaves are starting to turn. But while this may be a beautiful thing to see, changing leaves also tend to fall on the ground, creating plenty of work for homeowners during the autumn season.

But before you reach for the rake, there are many different alternatives to take care of those pesky yet beautiful fallen leaves. Consider these other options when taking care of your home over the next few months.

Before the Leaves Fall

Homeowners need to do what they can to keep their entire home and property protected and prepared for the colder months ahead. Besides cleaning up the front and back yards, making a prep list for the fall will help to go over everything from sealing up cracks, taking care of hazards, and keeping utilities low.

One major step to take no matter what time of year is taking care of your homeowners insurance coverage. Whether you have homeowners insurance or need to invest in new coverage, taking care of protecting your home and property from different seasonal liabilities (i.e. storms, snow, rain, wind) is important.

Leaf Removal Tips

Raking up your leaves and bagging them up is a tried and true method used for decades. But there are other ways in which you can streamline this arduous and pesky process. Here are some to consider:

  • Mowing: Use a lawnmower with a bag attached to handle the leaf debris that gets picked up. Disposal becomes even easier once the ground-up leaves are collected.
  • Vacuum: With a leaf vacuum, homeowners can suck up the leaves as well as acorns, twigs, and pinecones into a bag and then grind them up for compost.
  • Tarps: One way to collect fallen leaves is to use large tarps. They can be installed under trees and dragged to disposal areas when the tarp is full. What’s more, these tarps can double as leaf bags.

Recycling Leaves

Leaves can be put to use after they are cleaned up. Besides just bagging them up and throwing them away or putting them on the street for disposal, homeowners can take advantage of these recycling tips:

  • Mulch: Leaves can come in handy by being used as mulch. It’s free and available any time during the fall to be put to use, especially if you are mulching next to a lighter-colored house.
  • Composting: Adding leaves with grass and sticks and pine straw to your compost will result in a rich compost that’s full of nitrogen and ideal for use in your gardens or for tree plantings.
  • Community: For homeowners that don’t spend time gardening and don’t necessarily have use for leaves, they can still be gathered and given to neighbors who use mulch or compost. Plus, local county or cities can use your leaves for redistribution in the community.

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