Pesky Issues for CT Homeowners in Summer

For Connecticut homeowners, summertime represents the perfect time to take on those summer home improvement projects while weather conditions are favorable. With rain, wind, and snow threatening in the coming months, the summer is generally the ideal time to assess, repair, and upgrade homes.

Summer home improvements range from tiny repairs to major remodeling projects. But it’s those pesky projects that need tending to before the temperatures drop and you’re left waiting until next summer.

Roof Ready

Before you start swinging your hammer or pulling up nails, it’s important to consult your local insurance provider for any projects best done by professionals. CT homeowners insurance providers, like Byrnes Insurance, provide special coverage considerations and insight into home value after repairs.

Roof holes lead to leaks, and leaks mean the possibility of severe water damage soon. What’s more, water damage leads to mold and mildew that affects your family’s health. Homeowners should survey their roof, look for holes and leaks, and patch them up while the upcoming seasonal storms are still at bay.


From entry doors to windows, CT homeowners can install energy-saving additions to their homes to save money over time. Energy-saving windows and doors reduce homeowners’ carbon footprint and save on HVAC bills throughout the year. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that you homeowners save $125 to $465 a year just from replacing windows with new windows with higher Energy Star ratings.

Summer is the best time to take on this project as the installation of these units in warmer temperatures also permits caulk to adhere correctly, sealing up air leaks, and making new windows and doors more energy-efficient in the process.


Some driveways need just as much love, like a roof or a door. From cracking to pitting, driveways help or hurt curb appeal. Summer is the best time to install or resurface a driveway as concrete needs the right weather considerations to cure correctly and efficiently. Curing is the process of controlling the water content after installation. This method strengthens the pavement in the process and helps to avoid cracks due to shrinkage.

Garage Door

With kids homeschooling in some parts of the country this year due to COVID-19, your garage door is set to see more use. Why? Lunch runs, bike breaks, and pool parties. Plus, summer projects like lawncare mean you’re opening your garage door more to get things like lawnmowers and tools out.

Repairing or replacing your garage door during the summer with a new insulated door helps cut heating costs, preparing you for a pleasant fall and winter ahead.

Run Out the Rodents

Insect and rodent pests, like cockroaches, mice, rats, and even raccoons, damage properties and may also carry disease. Others, like bed bugs, are just upsetting to live around. Unfortunately, these animals and insects don’t die off or return to their hollow when the temperature drops. In reality, they tend to burrow in your attic or walls once they have a comfortable new spot to stay in. Effective pest control treatments require airing the house out after, which tends to be more pleasant when temperatures are warmer.

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