Prevent Someone From Stealing Your Ferrari

Prevent someone from stealing your Ferrari by taking appropriate safety measures and smart strategies to ensure it stays put. Ferrari cars first originated in 1947 in Maranello, Italy. The brand made its name one of the top racing brands, and decades later, Ferrari is still synonymous with speed and style. These cars cost anywhere from $200,000 to $400,000 on average. Unfortunately, this level of prestige has made the brand a target for thieves.

Stop Thieves from Stealing Your Ferrari With These Tips

Find out how high-net-worth individuals can create a Ferrari theft prevention plan. Then, it may discourage someone from stealing your Ferrari. 

High Net Worth Individuals Need to Protect Their Assets

High net-worth individuals may have a variety of assets that require protection. In addition to Ferraris, you might possess valuable art collections, fine jewelry, and other luxury belongings. It’s essential to develop a protection plan for these items and ensure they are safe from potential threats. You can install an alarm in the garage where you keep your Ferrari, for example, and store smaller valuables in a safe.

Add an Anti-Theft Device to the Car

Anti-theft devices are another wise investment for high-net-worth individuals who want to protect their Ferraris. It’s often best if this device is immediately visible, so prospective thieves know they will face an uphill battle if they attempt to steal your car. There are various anti-theft devices, including wheel locks, GPS trackers, audible alarms, and brake locks. It is good to research different options to see which one might be the best fit for your Ferrari.

Follow Common Sense Safety Steps

It’s also vital for high net-worth individuals to follow common sense safety steps when trying to prevent Ferrari theft. It includes always locking your doors, never leaving the keys in the vehicle, keeping all windows closed, and parking in well-lit areas. Thieves will generally look to steal vehicles that are easy to take without attracting attention. If you make this task difficult or prohibitively time-consuming, prospective thieves will likely move on to a car that is easier prey than your beloved Ferrari.

Install an Ignition Computer Chip

Computer chips are another fantastic advancement in the field of auto theft prevention. You can install these chips to connect to your Ferrari’s ignition and control its functions. Some chips allow you to cut off the fuse, while others may disable the fuel pump or thwart the ignition from starting. Installing a chip that includes tracking capability can also help law enforcement recover the vehicle if a thief steals it.

Invest in Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals

Despite your best efforts to protect your Ferrari from theft, likely, it will always be a target. Furthermore, advanced car thieves may know how to disable standard anti-theft accessories. It is why high-net-worth individuals need to invest in high-net-worth insurance. HNW insurance offers extensive coverage for all of your most valuable belongings. Look for a policy that provides the protection you need for your Ferrari and any other luxury belongings you may have.

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