Preventing Workplace Violence

Whatever industry your business operates in, preventing workplace violence is of prime importance and urgency. Even with security standards, Dayville Business Insurance, and other essential measures in place, any workplace can experience violent incidents if enough precautions are not taken. Fortunately, it’s possible for any business to prevent these incidents and help foster a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all workers simply by implementing several safety measures ahead of time.

Here’s how your business can avoid workplace violence.

Improve Office Security and Encourage Reporting of Violent Events

Strong office security and a healthy culture of reporting questionable incidents can make a big difference in keeping all workers safe. Your company should make sure to:

  • Foster a comfortable, accepting office atmosphere where employees feel comfortable speaking up about violent events
  • Set up a straightforward reporting system where employees can report certain situations or occurrences
  • Improve office security by installing cameras and alarms or hiring more protection
  • Establish a relationship with the area police department to ensure quick response times in the event of violence

Craft Zero-Tolerance Policies and Conduct Thorough Employee Training

Thorough regular employee training and a well-equipped human resources department can go a long way in avoiding incidences of workplace violence. With adequate training, you can help ensure employees are on the same page about what constitutes violence and what warning signs they should look out for; additionally, strong HR departments can help make employees feel safe and can deal with problems as they arise. It may be useful for your business to:

  • Hold regular training sessions to inform employees what constitutes workplace violence and equip them with the tools they need
  • Design zero-tolerance workplace violence policies to discourage these events from happening
  • Ensure the human resources department thoroughly documents these policies as well as any employee complaints or reports

Advise Workers To Take Additional Precautions When Necessary

Finally, businesses should never neglect the importance of equipping employees with practical tips and tools for avoiding potentially dangerous situations. While the company can and should do everything possible on its end to avoid violence, it may also be helpful to advise workers to take additional precautions as necessary. Some of these additional safety measures could include the following actions.

  • Keep visitor hours restricted to avoid unknown individuals from accessing the building
  • Strengthen entry security and vet those entering the office
  • Implement security measures such as employee badges or office sign-in sheets
  • Advise employees to avoid carrying cash, especially when on isolated areas of company property, such as parking lots, back stairs, or elevators.

To keep employees out of harm’s way, prevent harmful incidents, and foster a safe and healthy environment for all, every business needs to make the prevention of workplace violence a priority. By taking early safety measures, getting Dayville Business Insurance, providing training, and more, your business can reduce violent incidents and create a safe and secure workplace atmosphere.

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