Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday shopping used to begin the day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday sales attracting consumers to buy TV’s, clothes, and the hottest toys. But in recent years, shopping for the holidays is now an ongoing affair, opening up cyber sales after Halloween and continuing through Christmas. Holiday sales were up around five percent during this year’s Cyber Week compared to last year, even amid a pandemic.

Retailers, including smaller retailers, should employ useful marketing tips to bolster sales and ensure a successful end to their calendar year.

To take the hassle out of the holiday sales season, we’ve put together some marketing ideas that retailers can and should use.

Publish Helpful Content for the Holidays

If your company publishes a blog or regular email newsletter, the holidays are the best time of year to create content that focuses on your customers’ holiday needs. Consider what valuable retail information you can offer your customers, such as information on deals or ideas for what customers can do with your products or services. Providing comprehensive content for free helps attract new customers and continues to engage current customers.

Provide Holiday Gift Inspiration Through Email

Retailers sold 114 percent more gift cards in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same time last year. People love gift cards. But while this may be so, some consumers might want something more personable and tangible. This is an excellent opportunity to not only market your gift cards or certificates but alternative products and services.

Start by collecting email addresses throughout the year from your customers to create an email gift guide that features a variety of gift ideas. From gifts for mom to stocking stuffers, this email blast can feature the latest sales while bolstering your other offers.

If you have social media accounts (and you should), supplement your gift idea efforts visually. By featuring your sales and gift ideas on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, you are reaching more potential customers who can discover your products by trending topics, targeted searches, and digital word of mouth.

But be sure to prepare for the holiday rush with proper Dayville Retail Insurance to protect against claims related to damaged or faulty merchandise or cyber liabilities, especially with more digital engagement this year.

Provide a Last-Minute Holiday Deal

Holiday shoppers like to wait until the last minute to make their purchases. According to the National Retail Federation, the average shopper had only bought a little more than half of their presents by December 15. This is a great opportunity for retailers to give customers an incentive to shop at their store for last-minute holiday sales. Consider sending a promotion that offers a special discount storewide for people who wait until the last week.

Partner with a Local Charity

Many people look for ways to give to worthy causes, and this year is even more critical as nonprofits are struggling to help communities due to the ongoing pandemic. From food donations to clothes, local charities need more help than usual to meet the demands of those in need.

People like supporting businesses that share their morals and values. This holiday season, consider working with a charity organization to give back. This can help boost sales and your reputation as a conscious brand. Depending on your products and services, you can make a one-for-one donation for specific items or donate a portion of each purchase to the charity.

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