Smart Homes, Smartphones & Homeowners Insurance

Smart Homes, Smartphones & Homeowners InsuranceSmart Homes, Smartphones & Homeowners Insurance

Smart homes always seemed to be the wave of the future- an idea that was really cool, but not quite achievable yet. But now, the time has come. Home automation technologies have evolved significantly in the past few years, making the “smart houses” of the movies only 15 years ago seem distinctly possible. Lighting and climate controls are smarter and more popular. Most devices use wireless technologies so they don’t need to be ripped out of the wall.

While home automation devices can add up initial costs very quickly, they can also help save money in bills down the road. Programmable thermostats controlled from your iPhone let you adjust the heat, or turn it off if you’ve forgotten. And, it can be controlled from wherever you are, whether in the house or on the way to the airport.

Smartphone apps now allow homeowners to control nearly every aspect of their home, even when they are away. Homeowners can receive text messages if a door is opened while they are away. Bulbs can be scheduled to light up, shut off, dim, and even change colors from an iPhone or iPad. The services can even be integrated in some cases, like being able to lower the heat when the security system is armed, or opening a door automatically turns house lights on.

There is a wide range in home automation systems available. Smartphone apps tend to be the most budget friendly way to tech up your home, and the easiest to install and manage. However, they are also limited in how much control they allow, and often cannot be integrated with each other. Large scale home automation projects by professional companies allow you to integrate entire systems together- however, they also must be professionally installed and can be the most expensive option, with large projects beginning around $5,000.

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