Connecticut Homeowners: Using Pinterest as a Decorating Tool

Yes, Pinterest is adorable and filled with cute puppies, celebrities, and a million outfits that make you want to go online shopping immediately. But how can you harness the creative imagery that Pinterest collects to decorate your own home?

Interior designers, furniture retailers and amateur design junkies have all hopped aboard the Pinterest train. Whether you’re a DIY junkie on the lookout for your next project, moving into your new home, or just looking to revamp an old, tired room, Pinterest is a great resource to help you find the inspiration and organizational tools to make your vision come to life. Below are some tips adapted from Real Simple’s blog on how to use Pinterest as your own interior decorating assistant.

Create boards with a purpose. Looking for paint colors for your kitchen? Create a “Paint Sample” board. Keep an eye out for kitchens or colors that catch your eye. See if there is a theme (i.e. you find yellow in almost every one of your pins). Once you narrow down a single element, you can begin to build inspiration boards to create a comprehensive, unified look for your room. For example, your “Living Room Makeover” board could have the paint color, style couch, brand of chair, and DIY wall art projects; before you know it, you’ve planned out your entire room.

Be Descriptive. When you see something you want to implement in your home, don’t just pin it and forget about it. In the descriptive box, write down as much info as you can. If you can find the paint sample, write down the name and maker. If it’s a dining room chair, you like, label it as that. When you come back to actually implement your ideas, it will be much easier to find the samples, furniture, and materials you are looking for, and you won’t forget why you pinned it in the first place.

Be Picky in who you follow.  Only follow people whose style you love. There are a million different design viewpoints out there- the more people you follow, the more you have to sort through the results. The more people you follow whose style you want to emulate, the more inspiration and ideas you will find.

Credit your sources. Some have voiced copyright concerns when it comes to pinning content on Pinterest. Be careful when you pin to always give credit whenever possible- always, always, always link back to the original source.

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