Connecticut Insurance: Top 4 Reasons to Buy Wedding Insurance

Connecticut Insurance: Top 4 Reasons to Buy Wedding InsuranceUncooperative weather, venue problems, vendor cancellations; these are all nightmare scenarios for a bride planning her big day. The Wedding Report reported the average wedding spending for 2011 was 25,631; as wedding costs skyrocket, it is increasingly important to protect your financial investments. Below are some top reasons for getting wedding insurance.

Cancellation. Sometimes unexplained events happen that cause you to cancel or postpone your wedding. Cancelling the venue, catering and flowers can mean multiple lost deposits that add up quickly.

Attire. Your dress and jewelry are incredibly special investments-they can also run you thousands of dollars. Make sure to protect your dream dress from any mishaps.

Weather. The least predictable component of your outdoor wedding, it one of the biggest stressors on the event and can cause cancellations or postponements.

Vendors. Another top insurance claim is vendor and venue issues. This includes venue related problems, flowers and photos not being delivered, and DJ’s not showing up.

Whether you’re the bride and groom or the parents of the lovely couple, planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful.

Don’t get bogged down with doom and gloom thoughts of “what if this happened” on your wedding day. Protect all the hard work and love you’ve put into planning your event by getting wedding insurance with Byrnes Agency. Get the best coverage to protect your Connecticut Wedding. Contact us today for more information.