Connecticut Auto Insurance: Tips to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

Connecticut Auto Insurance Tips to Make Your Vehicle Last LongerConnecticut Auto Insurance: Tips to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

You want your car to last for as long as possible. Preventative maintenance is key to making sure your vehicle stays on the road for years to come. Here are some tips on how to keep you vehicle healthy from MSN Autos and Byrnes Auto Insurance programs.

Buy a reliable car. Making sure your car lasts begins with the initial purchase decision. Certain manufacturers have proven track records of reliability. There are even differences between model years.

Once you’ve made your purchase decision, check with your car’s manufacturer. Most provided recommendations on when to complete maintenance tasks. Make a schedule of regular maintenance tasks and be sure to follow through. Make sure you stick to your car’s routine maintenance schedule. Even the little things such as keeping your vehicle clean and getting regular wax jobs can make it last longer. Spending a little money now can save you costly repairs down the road.

Ease up on the pedal. Driving gently can help reduce wear and tear on your car. Driving with a lead foot, with no regard for bumps or potholes, tearing around corners, and speeding down the highway all takes a toll on your vehicle.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it takes 73 more horsepower to cruise at 60 mph, and 159 percent more to cruise at 70 mph that it does at 50 mph. In other words, hitting the highway with a need for speed makes your engine work significantly harder and increases wear and tear on the car. Not to mention, you could save money on gas. Every mile you travel over 50 mph is a 1.5 percent increase in fuel consumption. Going 60 mph wastes 15 percent more gas.

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