Starting a Landscaping Biz? Read This

Starting a Landscaping Biz Read ThisLandscaping has a lot of perks for a potential business owner, from making your own hours to choosing your clients and allowing your creative side to take over. However, it’s not all easy, and there are some challenges to recognize before starting your own landscaping business. As the prime season for this industry runs between April and early October, you’ve got some time to set the business in motion before winter hits. But before you go into business, secure your company with a Dayville Landscaping Insurance policy.

Think about long term.

In Connecticut, you’ll have to put landscaping on hold during the winter. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be out of a job for the whole season. Now is the time to showcase your abilities to your clients and take care of them all year long. Summer is prime time for landscaping, installing grass and flowers, and showing off your creativity and love of the outdoors. Toward the end of September, you can start preparing their lawns for fall and winter and raking leaves as needed. For winter, you can even offer snowplowing services.

Giving estimates.

This is not exactly an accurate science as you’ll need to hypothesize how long it will take you to get the job done with the resources you have available, including a lawnmower, extra hands, materials in stock, etc. Depending on their needs and their existing gardens and landscape, you can factor in an additional 10% to be safe.

Setting a price.

But you can also figure out how much the market will bear by calculating the size of your own lot and calling a few of the lawn care companies in the Yellow Pages for an estimate. (Typically, owners of lawn care services calculate their prices based on the total square footage of the lot. They can usually estimate roughly how much of a lot is landscaping.) Then recruit a few family members and friends to call for quotes on their lawns, too, so you can get a feel for prices on lots of different sizes. This will help you determine the acceptable price range in your community, and then it’s easy to figure out where to price your services. This method works especially well if you’re doing business in a community with uniformly platted subdivisions or other similarly sized lots, explains Entrepreneur.

Be flexible.

Because landscaping is a business where you’re at the mercy of the weather, it’s wise to leave weekends unscheduled. This way, if a storm passes through or the climate is less than ideal for the work you have to do, you can get caught upon the weekend rather than foregoing the job altogether.


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