The Best Winter Sports to Try Out This Season

The Best Winter Sports to Try Out This SeasonLooking for something exciting and different to do this winter? The Connecticut winter brings the opportunity for a number of fun sports and activities that can’t be done any other time of year, and there is something for everyone.

Here are some fun snow sports for you to try out for your next adventure.  Be safe out there!

Snow Shoeing

Snowshoeing is the fastest-growing winter sport in the world, due to its simplicity and relatively inexpensive cost. This is great exercise and is available to many levels of fitness, whether you want to hike for pleasure, trek through the backcountry, or competitively race. Snowshoeing is a fantastic alternative for skiing, especially if you enjoy running!

Ski Touring

Are you physically fit and seeking an adventure? Ski touring is similar to backcountry skiing and is normally done on untouched snow. It has links to hiking and wilderness backpacking and often lasts more than one day. Ski touring involves sliding up a mountain wearing skins over your skis. When you reach the top you can enjoy a moment to take in the beauty of the world, and then have an off-piste adventure skiing back down.

Head out with an experienced team as it’s important to have good navigation skills, an awareness of the risks of the mountain, and you must be able to assess the snow conditions to reduce the risk of avalanches.


This is a motorized vehicle similar to a quad bike except with tracks at the back, and skis at the front instead of wheels. You can rent these by the hour and drive them around open terrain or trails for an awesome wintery adventure. Also known as a motor sled, motor sledge, or snowmachine, snowmobiles sometimes accommodate more than one rider. It’s recommended to go out as a group with one rider on each.

If you are planning on taking out your own snowmobile, make sure that your personal insurance coverage includes Snowmobile Insurance. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, so don’t take that risk on the snow!


A yooner is a mix between a go-cart and skis; it’s a seat 20cm off the ground with one fat ski attached underneath and a big handle in between your legs which you can pull to break. It’s a simple way to glide down snow with very little training or experience. Unlike many snow sports, this one is suitable for all ages.

Ice Fishing

For a more relaxed activity, give ice fishing a try. This involves fishing with a line and hook through a hole in the ice. This can either be done out in the open or in a heated enclosure, some of which even have amenities inside for when fishing for long periods.


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