The Most Important Things to Know Before Starting a Videography Business

The Most Important Things to Know Before Starting a Videography BusinessIf you’re always the first to break out the camcorder when family and friends gather for special events, you might be a natural to turn your videography hobby into a full-time career. Not only does this allow you to embrace your technical skills with the diversity of video, sound and post-production equipment, but also express your creative side by crafting well structured storylines that bring all the elements together into a memorable finished product.

Starting a business is a massive undertaking, and the right preparation will make all the difference in your success. If you’re looking to start your own videography business, make sure you’ve taken care of these preliminary steps.

Make a Business Plan

Draft a comprehensive business plan, addressing projected expenses for video equipment, office space, office equipment, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, staffing, transportation, business licenses and marketing strategies. The more focused your business plan, the higher the likelihood of securing a business loan so your company can take off.

Choose a name for your business and research via your state registry agency whether that name is available. If it is, register your new business and take out a business license. You”ll have to pay fees as you would for any other type of enterprise. If you plan to have clients come to your home for videography services, make sure you are not in violation of any landlord/tenant agreements or city zoning, parking regulations. You’ll also want to open a checking account for your business and protect your business with videography insurance.

Figure Out Your Branding and Marketing  

Identify the type and scope of videography services you want to provide. Examples of this include wedding videos, school events, corporate training materials, public service announcements for nonprofit organizations, documentaries, sports clinics, acting/modeling portfolios and video conversion/duplication services. Research your regional competition and determine underserved demographics, setting competitive rates and establishing your signature niche.

Design a website that includes samples of your filming expertise, testimonials from satisfied customers and a rate sheet. Include a bio of credentials, an overview of the videography services you provide and a blog that conveys your personality and reflects your knowledge of your craft. Attend mixers to network with potential clients. Subscribe to film and video trade publications to stay up to date with new equipment and techniques.

Understand the Ins and Outs

Take video production, script writing and business management courses to become familiar with the demands of this field. Seek advice from seasoned videographers who won’t view you as a competitor. Volunteer at community events for exposure to a wide range of filming challenges and hands-on industry experience.

The equipment that you’ll need includes:

  • High-definition video camera
  • Microphones
  • Tapes or CD’s
  • Editing software
  • Lighting
  • Tripod
  • Business license
  • Website

The tools of the videographer’s trade are often the priciest element to begin. Depending on the complexity of the events you’ll be shooting, it pays to critically compare brands, read reviews and seek advice from those who can show you the ropes. Consider purchasing used equipment from reputable sellers or leasing what you need with payment plans to allow gradual upgrade as your business excels.

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