How You Can Promote Your Videography Business Ahead of Wedding Season

How You Can Promote Your Videography Business Ahead of Wedding SeasonOne of the most stable and reliable markets is the wedding market. Couples will always need someone to shoot videos of the most important day in their lives. However, this also means that this market is competitive and it takes quite a bit to get your name out there and have a steady stream of business.

To be successful, you need to know how to promote your wedding videography business in today’s competitive market. Here are some of the best ways to spread the word and attract the right clients.

Go Online

Nowadays, it is crucial to have a professional website that promotes your videos, offers, special promotions, and contact information.  

Consider adding a blog discussing how the latest wedding went. You can share videos that you would previously upload on your YouTube channel, then share the blog post on social media. You can also link other vendors that were involved in the weddings you worked on. If they link back, your potential client base expands.

Update your website regularly with fresh posts! Create a separate Facebook page that is dedicated to promoting your wedding video business, to positively influence both your analytics and target marketing.   


Connect with the vendors you have already worked with and share marketing ideas. A wedding DJ is always well connected, so establish a good relationship with them so they can recommend your business every time they land a new gig. Wedding post-production teams can also bring new clients and significantly help improve your final product. Consider connecting with other wedding videographers and possibly team up. If they’ve already been booked, and can’t accept another wedding, you can jump in for them. Food caterers are also connected with a wide variety of people and businesses from many niches where you can be successful. Networking with people from the same business niche can really boost your success.

Bridal Shows

Bridals shows allow you to meet future clients face to face and become noticed in this market in general.  Your stand needs to stand out and that comes at a cost. Besides the spot fee, you also need tools to help attract couples to your booth. Highlight your best work with a Video-beam, a large TV, or a monitor. A bunch of business cards and brochures should be ready to grab and consider other promotional material. Most importantly, you will need to engage with couples; otherwise you’ll just be wasting your budget.

Keep in mind first impression is everything. When meeting new potential clients, your marketing game must be on point. Remember, you don’t just represent yourself, you represent your business. You need to come across as an established business for couples to want to invest money in your service. It is extremely important to dress professionally.

Never meet with couples at your home or messy editing station. If you have an office, create a space to make your clients feel comfortable such as a convenient viewing corner or offer to meet at a nice coffee shop.

As a final note, make sure that you have a Videography Insurance program in place. This will protect your equipment as well as cover the costs of any legal defense or errors on your part. As an added bonus, showing potential clients that you carry this insurance will demonstrate to them that you take your business seriously and will be more likely to be responsible and reliable in your work.

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