How to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Summer Months

How to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Summer MonthsWhen summer arrives, plans to get out and beat the heat with a weekend vacation might take some of the focus and motivation away from your employees. Motivating staff is an important part of a business owner’s or manager’s business plans for the summer as it can become much more important to keep productivity high.

There are ways to keep morale, energy, and productivity up at a good clip, even during the long and hot summer months. Here are some ways to keep your employees motivated.

Revisit Business Goals

It would behoove business owners to freshen up their quarterly goals, reviewing what they’re aiming for in the third quarter that’s quickly approaching, and making them a priority for your staff. From cutting costs to boosting sales, rearranging your business’s layout to hiring on new employees, this could be the right time to get situated.

Plus, you’re only halfway through to the end of the year, so reviewing your sales goals is a good way to increase motivation and let employees know what they’re all working toward together.

Also, it’s a good time to review your business insurance plans. Connecticut business insurance coverage options can help to provide peace of mind this summer so you don’t have to turn your focus away from your business and employees. Make sure to revisit your Connecticut business insurance plan to see if you need to add or adjust any coverage option.

Keep Employees Interested

Employee morale can take a dip during the summer months and daily tasks that need to get taken care of are less likely to be approached with the right motivation level. Employees can be allowed to have time to work on specific work or industry-related projects of their choice. Business owners can also encourage their employees to choose their own projects in which they’re interested in. Also, open up training opportunities for employees to help them learn and situate themselves to move up within the organization or industry.

Call Out What Employees Do Well

It’s important for business owners and managers to recognize what their employees are doing well, especially at a time of year that can be slow or distracting. Your employees are your most valuable assets, so keeping them happy and motivated should be the main goal. Make it a practice of identifying something that each employee or team does well and incentivize them with a lunch or coffee or team party.

Initiate Flexible Schedules

A flexible work schedule is quickly becoming a bargaining chip for prospective employees fielding possible opportunities. Today’s freelance/ gig economy, where people work for themselves on their own schedule, more or less, has inspired today’s workers, even in corporate America, to request more flexibility in their day-to-day work life.

While not every flexible schedule request can be approved, such as working from home all days out of the week or leaving early or whenever an employee wants, introducing some form of flexibility will provide a sense of autonomy that people gravitate toward today.

During the summer months, families are looking to pack up and take vacations and take some much-needed time off before school starts up again at the end of August. Work with HR and team leaders to develop the right kind of offsite work schedule that employees can take advantage of to enjoy their summer while also getting work done just as effectively.

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