Tips for Securing Your Vacant Rental Property

A vacant rental home isn’t just a loss of potential income. It is also a security concern. Vacant properties are attractive to thieves and vandals, as being empty means there is little risk of being caught or even being noticed. Rental properties have the potential to bring in significant income, but should theft or vandalism occur, it has the potential to set you back thousands of dollars. Replacing stolen goods and repairing damages can be paid for with rental property insurance, but why take that chance? It is best to secure the empty property.

How Do You Secure an Empty Property?

Preventing loss with your rental investment means spending the time and money needed on security measures. It is important to safeguard your property from the losses of rental income, personal property and structural integrity that often accompany a break-in or act of vandalism. Focus on these areas of protection.

1. Enlist the Neighbors

If your property is within a community that has a neighborhood watch program, let your program leaders know the home will be vacant. You can also speak to your next-door neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles, noises or individuals. Be sure they are willing to report any incidents to the authorities.

2. Pretend the House Isn’t Vacant

By maintaining some signs of life or activity at the house, you can fool would-be thieves into thinking the house isn’t vacant. Use timers to turn lights on the interior off and on throughout the day. Keep the landscaping trimmed and well-cared for. Have the lawn mowed at least once every two weeks or more often as needed. Put motion sensor lights on the exterior of the house instead of leaving the porch light on. Open the upstairs blinds while leaving lower-level blinds closed.

3. Rely on Security Systems

Installing an alarm is one way to scare off thieves or vandals as they are trying to get into your home. However, technology has made it possible to install video devices that produce real-time alerts to a mobile device. You can even hire a security monitoring agency to keep professional tabs on what goes on at a vacant rental house. This usually provides one of the more comprehensive approaches to securing a vacant property.

4. Don’t Visibly Advertise the Home

In an effort to notify those passing by that the property is available, a sign that screams “for rent” also tells those with evil intent that the home is vacant. Move your advertising online or more subtle areas rather than placing signs about the property.

To avoid catastrophe, enlist the help of neighbors, trust the professional efforts of a security agency and avoid mistakenly advertising the empty home to the wrong people. Taking common-sense steps in security can go a long way in preventing vandalism or act of theft on your vacant rental property, but rental property insurance can help if an incident occurs.

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