Winter Considerations for Tow Truck Businesses

Winter Considerations for Tow Truck BusinessesEvery season presents its own dangers for the open road. From hazy mornings in the fall to suffering heat in the summer, truck drivers face a number of weather-related risks when driving. Now that winter is in full swing, it’s important to look at the risks that tow truck drivers and the two trucking businesses they work for are up against.

Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, an average of 5,748,000 motor vehicle accidents take place each year, with nearly one-quarter of them being weather-related. Of those accidents, 73 percent occur on wet pavement, resulting in an average of 5,900 deaths and nearly half a million injuries per year.

These staggering numbers should illustrate the importance of planning for winter driving, keeping two truck drivers safe and businesses running smoothly.

Here’s how to make sure your tow trucking business is ready for the rest of winter driving operations.

Review Your Insurance Policy

It’s important to make sure you know how your truck insurance will protect your business, your drivers, and others if something happens. Accidents, storms, late deliveries, and driver injuries all play a role in truck insurance coverage, like tow truck insurance and liability coverage. Businesses need to check their policies to make sure they know what kinds of losses are covered and what deductibles and limits of coverage are.

Check Your Tow Trucks

Like any trucking business, it’s essential to look over your inventory of trucks to make sure everything is ready for the road. This is even more important as the weather gets drearier and drearier.

Here’s a checklist to go over:

  • Check that the batteries in all trucks are ready for winter
  • Make sure that all trucks have plenty of windshield washer fluid
  • Ensure that snow chains are safe enough to use. Look for damaged links and ensure that all chains fit properly
  • Review the hydraulic systems in your trucks, looking to spot any leaks or damage

If your trucks need maintenance, be sure to get this done as soon as possible to avoid any potential risks.

It’s also important to have vehicle inspections executed by truck drivers before they head out on the road. Businesses should get their employees in the habit of doing their inspection but making sure their truck is stocked with the right supplies they need for winter driving and that all the items listed above are above board.

Driver Training

Towing in winter weather can prove to be very different in winter compared to more pleasant times of the year. The winter season could be a good test to see how drivers maneuver around different scenarios. Make sure that your drivers know the tasks and challenges they may face when they’re out on the road in snow or cold weather.

Tow trucking companies should be sure to go over tips for driving a tow truck in winter and give the drivers what they need in order to be safe.

Dress for Cold Weather

This may be a no-brainer, but sometimes truck drivers underestimate how cold the season can get in different areas. And dressing appropriately for winter doesn’t just mean adding layers–it also means being visible. It can get really dark in the winter, which makes visibility low, becoming a major safety concern, so having high-visibility clothing on, like orange vests, is key.

Drivers should also be wearing warm and waterproof gloves, warm hats and boots, and pack extra down blankets if they need to stay overnight in their cabin. With the right clothing and layers, drivers will be able to stay warm while on the road.

Expect the Unexpected

Not everything goes according to plan, especially in winter when the weather can disrupt deliveries, roadways, traffic, and more. Businesses and drivers should be prepared for the unexpected and be able to roll with the changes when they occur. Drivers should know what their change of plans are for jobs when weather strikes and who to contact if they are delayed.

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