Winter Maintenance for Your Classic Car

Your classic car needs maintenance, and winter is a great time to provide that care for your vehicle. Finding a maintenance plan for your CT collector car gives you many options. Whether or not you plan to take it onto the road, classic car maintenance for winter months is a significant investment. It is a special kind of Connecticut Car Insurance and one that can go a long way to helping you over time. In addition to protecting your classic auto from potential damage, investing in winter maintenance will keep it looking fantastic.

The Investments You Need for Your Classic Car

You can give your classic car the care and attention it deserves with the following five winter maintenance tips.

Invest in CT Collector Car Insurance 

One of the many excellent things you can do for your CT collector car is to invest in the protection of insurance. An insurance policy can shield you from the liability you could face for property damage or accidents. Still, a standard auto insurance policy won’t necessarily be able to cover the full value of your classic vehicle. That’s why you need to invest in an insurance policy that’s specifically for CT classic car enthusiasts like yourself.

Invest in a Thorough Cleaning

You should also take the time to clean your classic car and restore its spotless condition thoroughly. Start by washing the exterior with gentle soap for cars. If you drove your classic car in the summer, you might notice remnants of bugs and sap on the windshield — look for a specially formulated cleanser that can safely remove this. After thoroughly washing the car, you can highlight its shine with wax and polish. It will protect the car’s paint job from tarnishing or corroding.

Inspect and Replace the Tires

If you have plans to take your classic car for a drive in wintertime, you must inspect the tires first. It is especially true if the vehicle has been in storage for an extended period. The tires may have deflated during this time. If so, fill them up again to the recommended PSI. You should also inspect the tread of your tires and confirm that it isn’t too worn. If so, you’ll have difficulty maintaining traction — especially on streets with snow or ice.

Keep the Classic Car Covered When Not in Use

Of course, you want to protect your classic car from damage, and keeping it covered is the best way. Be careful what kind of cover you choose, though — covers that feature impermeable materials such as plastic can cause moisture to accumulate in the vehicle. Choose a breathable fabric cover instead to prevent this.

Perform CT Collector Car Maintenance

Finally, you need to perform basic maintenance tasks to keep the engine of your CT collector car running smoothly. Check the oil and change it if necessary, and if you plan to drive, fill the tank with premium fuel. You can even add a fuel stabilizer that prevents engine corrosion.

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