Tips for Driving Safely This Summer

Driving safely on the road is essential, especially during the summer season when more people are active on the roads. During the warmest months of the year, you probably want to get out and take advantage of the great weather. Thus, You have to be wary of hazards on the road.

Driving Safely on the Road

Here are some key things to remember that can help keep you and other drivers safe this summer.

Avoid Distraction

You may be more likely to divert your attention from the road while embarking on summer outings or heading off to get-togethers. In most motor vehicle accidents, distraction is the primary cause. One of the essential rules of safe summer driving is taking care to avoid distraction.

Wait until you are off the road to look at your phone, and try to avoid changing settings on your dashboard while you are in motion. Being conscientious about preventing distraction can spare you from a severe injury or damage to your vehicle and increases your auto insurance premiums. 

Use Caution in Inclement Conditions

New Englanders think of the wintertime as presenting the most problematic driving conditions, but you should not let your guard down about weather-related dangers during the summer. According to the Federal Highway Administration, most weather-related accidents occur on wet roadways.

The summer season brings heavy rainfalls and tropical air masses. A growing number of regions have been experiencing more extreme storms and summer driving hazards in recent years. 

Be sure to moderate your speed during foul weather. Inspect your windshield wipers, and replace them if they have worn down. Likewise, make it a point to replace balding tires so you will be less likely to hydroplane if you have to stop short.

Give Heed to Your Surroundings

Driving in places not part of your regular routes may throw you off a little. Be attentive to traffic signals and speed limit signage. Be mindful about taking your eyes from the road for too long as you use a GPS device to navigate.

If you are heading out of state, be aware that auto insurance coverage requirements and fault regulations may differ. When you are not straying far from home, remember that you may be sharing the road with more out-of-towners during this time of year.

Watch Out for Cyclists

You will share the road with more bicycles and motorcycles over the summer. You must drive defensively when you observe bikes weaving between lanes or unsafely passing vehicles.

Ultimately, you should always stay alert on the road, even if you are not going far. This summer, exercising good situational awareness and following safe driving fundamentals can keep you out of harm’s way.

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