Auto Insurance: Bridging the Technology Gap for New Car Buyers

Auto Insurance: Bridging the Technology Gap for New Car BuyersYou want your new car to have the latest features, gadget, thingamabobs, and whatzits galore. Top of the line navigation system? Fantastic. Bluetooth capability & drop down video screens? Yes please. There’s just one tiny, minor issue. How do you work everything?

As technology continues to rapidly expand and improve, the manuals for the latest tech gadgets are becoming increasingly more complex and less user-friendly. The technology is increasing faster than we can keep up, and that includes our cars. Between the navigation, communication, and infotainment systems, there is enough to keep an individual occupied without ever actually driving the car. Learning each new feature in a car is no easy task- the automotive industry has taken note and it combating this head on.

According to USA Today, Lexus announced last week that they are creating two new positions at each of the dealerships: a “vehicle delivery specialist” to show buyers how the cars work and a “vehicle technology specialist” to troubleshoot any issues post-purchase. These new positions are similar Best Buy’s Geek Squad or one of Apple’s Geniuses, which are designed to assist and streamline your new technology acquisition as seamlessly as possible.

Other automotive companies are following suit. General Motors’ Cadillac has developed an iPad app explaining use of its new CUE infotainment systems. At Infiniti, salespeople use iPads to show customers technology features and educate them on how to use them. BMW uses a website to tell clients whether their smartphones can be paired with their cars.

The goal is to educate the consumer on their purchase. Consumers are paying top dollar for the latest features and gadgets, and don’t have the time to read an 800 page manual to find out how to turn on the air conditioning.

Tech specialist Alex Oger from Sewell Lexus in Dallas, described his mission and role in the company to USA Today: “take this car that has so many capabilities” and explain features “so it’s something the customer wants.” Oger described customer’s realization as a “eureka moment” for them when they figure out a task.

You take the time to research, purchase and learn to operate every feature in your new car. You want an insurance company that will protect that investment. The Byrnes Agency provides individuals throughout Connecticut and the country with auto insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries.