Classic Car Storage Methods: What Do You Need to Know Before You Choose?

Classic Car Storage Methods Which is the BestWhile classic cars look great and feel great to drive, they’re not usually known or used as regular everyday commuter cars. For most classic car owners, having a one-of-a-kind ride means they take good care of it more than actually taking it for a spin. Since this is the case, it’s important to take the right steps when storing your classic car to make sure no damage of any kind befalls it.

Instead of just throwing a tarp on it and forgetting about it until you get behind the wheel for a Sunday drive, why not take the right steps to make sure it’s kept in the best condition possible? Here are some storage methods you can use to make sure your classic car remains in tip-top shape.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

If you opt to house your classic car in some place besides your own garage, then you need to consider a high-tier location to keep the integrity of the car intact. Look for a storage unit that can keep your car safe from exposures such as heat, humidity, and water. Before choosing a storage location, make sure to take a tour of the facility to see the space you may be renting out, and ask for references from others who have used storage facilities.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

Before housing your car for a certain amount of time, make sure there are no spills, weather spots, or stains that could cause lasting damage to the car’s paint job or interior. Stains and spots that result from sleet, snow or animal debris can cause long-term damage on the exterior of your car as well, which can, in turn, create costly problems. Make sure to clean the car thoroughly and even set up a wax job to ensure all restoration efforts are covered.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance exists to protect your vehicle from the same kind of issues your everyday car faces. This specialty insurance, which can be provided by local providers such as Byrnes Agency, can help to protect the overall value of the car being stored through comprehensive insurance.

Classic car insurance CT includes features such as mileage plans, agreed value, which pays out the full amount of your classic car in the event of a loss, and automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles. Be sure to speak with a professional classic car insurance CT agent at Byrnes to make sure your ride is fully protected.

Invest in a Good Cover

When you don’t have your eye on your car, you never know what could happen, even in a highly rated storage facility. Instead of assuming everything will be okay, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go another step further by investing in a good cover for your car that makes sure that nothing disturbs your car or paint job. Classic car covers are specifically made and available for a wide range of makes and models.

Change the Fluids Out

Instead of just eyeballing your fluid levels in your car, take the extra time needed before you store your car to flush out all fluids and replace them. Engine oil, anti-freeze, power steering, and brake fluids should all be flushed, cleaned, and replaced before storing for any amount of time. Dirty oils and contaminates can have long-lasting effects on your car’s overall performance, creating expensive maintenance issues in the long run.

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