Connecticut Auto Insurance and Safe Drive Practices During the Summer Months

Connecticut auto insurance plays a significant role in protecting drivers this summer on busy roads. For those who purchase the minimum CT auto insurance required, your liability protections may only partially cover the cost of getting into an accident. In addition to buying supplement Connecticut auto insurance or extending the limits, following safe driving tips limit the chances of an accident.

Avoiding Claims on Your Connecticut Auto Insurance

Summer is always busy. Likewise, people often travel for vacations or enjoy the gorgeous summer weather. Because of the increased traffic, the potential for accidents goes up. While your Connecticut car insurance coverage can help care for the damages or injuries done to other drivers in a collision, you face additional costs from personal injury or vehicle damage.

Even if you carry enough car insurance to cover your liabilities, avoiding a claim can help you keep your rates low. Following best practices for summertime driving can help you and your fellow passengers stay safe. 

Get Connecticut Auto Insurance and Practice Safe Driving 

The following tips will help you stay safe when driving during the summer months. These tips protect your and your family’s and your vehicle’s health.

Prioritize Equipment Maintenance

Extreme temperatures have a negative effect on vehicles, often leading to tire blowouts or reduced braking functions. Your engine is more likely to overheat, while all your car’s parts experience more stress during extreme heat. Pay attention to the tire tread, pressure, and fluid levels during the summer.

Check the Forecast

Whenever you plan to travel, check the weather along the route you plan to take. Rain and storms increase the risk of accidents, so allow extra travel time to drive slowly and safely through weather conditions. Flash floods are possible in heavy rains as well as tornadoes.

Look for Distracted Drivers

There are numerous distracted drivers on the road in the summer. From traveling with kids or the sun being in their eyes, it’s essential to keep looking for drivers who must pay attention to the road. Maneuver your car away from vehicles that are driving erratically or not following the road signs. Increase the following distance to account for drivers making sudden stops or during heavy traffic.

Wear Eye Protection

Keeping the sun out of your eyes can assist you in seeing the road and other vehicles more clearly. Polarized sunglasses can reduce sun glare. These kinds of lenses also prevent eyestrain and fatigue. Sunglasses are an easy way to improve driver safety during the summer months.

Protecting Your Connecticut Auto Insurance

If you can avoid making a claim on your Connecticut auto insurance, you can keep your premiums low. These tips can boost your protection during the summer months.

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