Connecticut Auto Insurance: Insuring Your Teenage Driver

As parents, the scariest moment in our lives is when our children start driving. At 16, your child can obtain a learners permit and you can start treating yourself to relaxing message. As enthusiastic as a teenager can be, it is important that they start off with a clear & calm state of mind. However, after six months, your little ones leave the nest and take to the open road. What is the best way to prepare both yourself and your child?

In short, proper auto insurance. One of the most common questions regarding young drivers is, “How well is my child covered?” There are several factors that determine this rate. Everything from age, experience, gender & location can affect your Connecticut auto insurance rate.

Premium rates for new drivers are typically high. Averaging a $1000 premium every six months, it is important that you are getting the best rate on new drivers. Many agencies include a family plan where the new driver is covered under the parent’s policy. Customers have found this to be a significant amount of savings. Since your teenage driver is so susceptible to being in an accident, one piece of advice is to increase your Connecticut auto insurance rates to properly protect them. If need extra coverage, look into our Connecticut Umbrella Liability Insurance.

Factors to consider when looking over auto insurance coverage rates for your teenage driver:

  1. Vehicle – The type of vehicle the driver will be driving primarily is the one the most important factors.  With high performance vehicles which are measured on engine size and the amount of modifications done to the car, you will see the highest rates. Think this logic, the smaller the car, the smaller the engine, the smaller the premium.
  1. Gender – Gender is a factor. Statistical data has proved that female teenaged drivers are safer and more responsible than male drivers. Typically, females have a lower premium when compared against males of the same age with the same make and model car.  Studies have shown that teenage males account for 30% of injuries caused my motor vehicles annually because of the failure to identify hazardous situations.
  1. Safe Driving Records – Insurance agencies prepare for the worse. This does not last forever though. Customers have seen a large decrease in their premiums after 1-2 years of the teenage driving with a safe and clean record. With no claim on the new driver’s record the cost of premiums will drastically reduce.

There is no way to reassure an insurance agency that your new teenage driver will be safe and not be involved in a claim to save money on premiums. Shopping around for auto insurance in Connecticut may seem like a daunting task, but Byrnes understands that. To help, we have provided you with a multiple convenient offices, online quote forms, 24/7 Service center & even a mobile app. You buy better at Byrnes. Contact us today.

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