Connecticut Home Insurance: Homeowners Safety Tips

Connecticut Home Insurance: Homeowners Safety Tips

How safe is your home? Your daily routine poses hazardous risks for your family. Read these tips below to protect you and your family from everyday risks. This post is brought to you by Byrnes Connecticut Home Insurance programs.

  • Deterring break-ins – Install exterior lights with infrared motion detectors, and use timers inside to turn on the radio and lights when you’re away. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house if you’re out of town.
  • Bathroom safety –  Electricity, water, and slippery floors make the bathroom a potentially hazardous area. Never use electrical appliances near the sink or bathtub. Use non-skid rugs on the floor, and make sure the bathtub is a not-skid surface (or use a shower mat).
  • Falls – Falling is a common cause of accidental home death. I have installed handrails on both sides of stairways and keep throw rugs away from the stairs. Keep loose items away from the stairs, eliminating trip hazards.
  • BBQ safety – When using a propane grill, make sure the gas is completely shut off when finished, and keep the propane tank away from any other heat source. Once it is lit, do not add fuel to the fire, to avoid creating flames that could explode or ignite clothing. And never burn charcoal in an enclosed area.
  • Equipment Safety – When mowing the lawn, take care to move all rocks, twigs and debris before mowing a dry lawn, and always wear sturdy work shoes. After you finish using power tools, unplug them, remove all drill bits and saw blades, and lock them up out of reach of children. Before using a tool for the first time, make sure to read the manufacturer’s safety instructions.
  • Prepare – Know your area. If you live in an earthquake prone area, make sure to install metal stripping or “L” brackets to fasten heavy furniture or appliances to the wall. Keep emergency kits prepared with supplies of food and water, emergency flashlights, and battery operated radios.

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Source: National Crime Prevention Council

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