Connecticut Home Insurance: How to Save Energy at Home

Connecticut Home Insurance: How to Save Energy at HomeConnecticut Home Insurance: How to Save Energy at Home

Energy savings can include long-term investments and daily habits that can save you money. A lot of energy is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances, and inefficient heating and cooling systems. The average U.S. family spends $2,000 a year on home utility bills- homeowners can lower this amount by up to 25% by taking energy-saving measures, according to Energy Savers.

Switch to fluorescent or LED lighting. Fluorescent lighting can save money and energy. Upgrade old fixtures and replace energy-heavy incandescent bulbs with efficient fluorescent blubs. Lighting upgrades not only can save you money, they can help upgrade the look of your home.

Lower and/or program your thermostat. Air conditioning and heating sucks up energy and can rack up expenses. By programming it so it turns off or on low when you’re sleeping or away at work, you can save money and energy.

Fill it up. Running water-based appliances near empty is just a waste. Wash only full loads of clothes, and air dry them on the line. Wait till your dishwasher is completely full to run a cycle. On the flip side, take shorter showers instead of baths and use low-flow shower heads and energy efficient appliances for additional energy savings.

Be mindful of your use. Even the little things can make a difference. Turn lights off when you are not in the room. Don’t leave the TV on all day. Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle. Turn off power strips when you aren’t using them- even when you turn TV’s or DVD players off, in standby mode they still use several watts of power.

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