Connecticut Homeowners Insurance: Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Yard

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance: Best Tips to Spring Clean Your YardSpring is a great time to alleviate the damage caused during the onslaught of Connecticut winters. Whether you just want to spruce up your yard, or are looking to re-haul it this spring, below are some great tips to spring clean your yard.

You have worked hard to provide a roof over your head, but when was the last time you checked out your gutters? Here’s the checklist. Check the drainage. Clean out your gutters periodically (you can even install gutter covers to prevent leaves from clogging up the pathway). Make sure your downspouts are positioned far enough away from the house so you’ll be ready in the case of a surprise spring shower.

Clean up the debris that has piled up from winter. Prune away any dead or damaged branches that have been damaged over the season change. A tip: shaping hedges with hand pruners, rather than electric shears, prevents a thick outer layer of growth that prohibits sunlight from reaching the shrub’s center.

Clean up the plant beds and borders. Remove dead leaves and foliage (which can smother plants) from the flower beds. Pull up spent annuals and add them to the compost pile. Prep damaged lawn areas for spring seeding.

Neaten up hard-scape surfaces. Clean up the walkway. If you have loose gravel, rake it back into the walkways and patios and refill it if necessary. Clean down all outdoor furniture, hose down paths and patios, sweep the stairways, and patch worn and tattered paint. Check for any rotten wood that needs to be replaced.

Finally, fill in any sparse areas with new plants and flowers. You’ll get gorgeous yard you and your family can enjoy throughout spring and summer.

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