Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance: Types of Motorcycles

Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance Types of MotorcyclesConnecticut Motorcycle Insurance: Types of Motorcycles

If the freedom of cruising the open highway is calling to you, a motorcycle in Connecticut just might be the thing. Apart from a great gas-saver, motorcycles have long held a certain allure. But where to begin? Here is an overview of the different type of bikes, so you can get idea of what works for you.

Street motorcycles, dual-purpose bikes, and off-road bikes are the three main types of motorcycles available.

Street motorcycles are specifically designed for the highway and have the widest variety of body styles. Cruiser motorcycles are the associated with high-profile brands such as Harley-Davidson. They typically situate the rider in a low position with arms outstretched to reach the handlebars. Typically, the are slightly more difficult to handle than an average motorcycle and not necessarily the best choice for beginners.

Touring motorcycles are the biggest type of street bikes, and are built for longer distances.  For some the best touring motorcycles, check out  “Best Touring Motorcycles” by Popular Mechanics. Sport motorcycles are capable of achieve high speeds with ease and little time and distance. While they are easier to handle, they aren’t always know for maximum comfort or fuel efficiency. For some the best sport motorcycles, check out Motorcycle USA’s “Best Sport Motorcycles.” Standard motorcycles are the basic type of street bike; they are relatively low cost and versatile, and are a great option for beginners. For some of the the best beginner motorcycles, check out “10 Great Beginner Motorcycles.”

Dual-purpose motorcycles are meant for riders who want to ride both on and off-road. They have the ability to go off-roading but also come with horns, headlights, turn signals, and side-view mirrors that make them road legal.

Finally, off-road motorcycles are for those seeking the adrenaline rush. They are best for recreational off-road trail riding, motocross, and trial competitions.

As an independent insurance agency, the Byrnes Agency works with a number of leading carriers in the country, enabling us to provide Connecticut customers with competitive rates for Connecticut motorcycle insurance. We also realize that one size doesn’t fit all and can tailor the policy to you personally. We provide coverage for sport bikes, cruisers, standards, touring bikes, custom rides — and even scooters. Contact us today for more information.

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