Craft Microbrewery Industry Trends for 2022

Microbrewery industry trends are constantly changing and brewery owners have to adapt or fall behind the rest if they want to survive. Few phrases elicit the immediate impression of coolness accompanying the word “microbrewery.” Indeed, craft beer has proven itself to be more than just a trend in recent years, as volume sales reported by craft brewers grew by 8% in 2021.

Microbrewery Industry Trends

The craft beer industry is constantly evolving. However, investing in microbreweries insurance and craft beer marketing can give your brewery the protection to survive anything. 

High-Tech Hops and Yeast

One of the biggest challenges that plagued breweries in 2020 and 2021 was the abundance of supply chain issues and product shortages. Because many of the internationally-sourced hops and yeast products were unavailable, beer innovators turned to science for solutions. The result is the creation of synthetic hops and yeast that utilize high-tech chemistry to work. These substances rely on thiols, a type of sulfur compound found in the skin of Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Healthier Craft Lagers

Another big trend that may soon take over is an increased demand for healthier lagers. Craft lagers are a popular product across many craft brewery taprooms, but the calorie-laden formulas may put off patrons. As low-carb and calorie seltzers have surged in popularity, consumers have sought out other alcoholic options that are similarly light — including lagers. Breweries that want to stay on top of clients’ demands should look for ways to create new, pale lagers.

The Comeback of Classics

Unsurprisingly, the India Pale Ale is typically still the most popular product at craft breweries across the U.S. Although it’s a staple of every taproom menu, it’s also lost some of the lusters that it had when it first became mainstream. To combat this, some taprooms are reviving vintage recipes from the 80s and 90s to give classic IPAs a comeback. Guests love the retro styles and flavors, and this strategy has reinvigorated the IPA — and given a substantial boost to sales — for many breweries.

Launching Satellite Taprooms

The conception of the taproom has always offered the unique appeal of the drinks provided directly from the source. It’s exciting to know that someone brewed your beer in the same place you’re drinking it. But for many breweries, the need for more room is becoming clear. Satellite taprooms have emerged to allow for more extensive production and distribution of products. Companies should ensure sufficient microbreweries insurance coverage for each of their taproom locations.

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