Dealing with Holiday Burnout at the Office

Dealing with Holiday Burnout at the OfficeHalloween is over and we’re well into the holiday season, the often stressful time of year where a busy work schedule runs next to an even busier home life. With friends and family coming through, travel plans set up, schedules needing to be moved around, and presents needing to be purchased, it’s no secret that worrying about work during this time of year only adds to the stress.

Holiday season burnout can cause employees who already have a lot on their plates at home to feel even more stressed than usual and more thinly stretched at their day job. With year-end quotas that need to be hit and sales numbers that need to be exceeded, some people experience a major crash and burn that can be detrimental to their mental, emotional, and physical health.

It’s important for businesses to educate their employees on this issue and how they can beat the burnout during and after the holidays. Here are some ways in which employees can stay away from feeling too stressed during the holiday season.


The first thing to try to do is separate personal/family plans for the holidays and what you have on your plate at work. While family matters should take priority in general, once at the office, it’s important to sit down and make a list of what needs to get done and when. Coordinate with fellow employees and supervisors to communicate goals and schedule out what absolutely has to get done by a certain time and in what fashion.

This will help to lay everything out and hold everyone accountable while also increasing transparency during a time of year when confusion can take over.

Look Out for Employee Health

It’s no secret that stress levels can rise higher than usual during the holiday season, leading to burnout. But it can also lead people in an office who already carry a great amount of stress to have an even harder time. For companies that have more physical labor, such as warehousing or even dual environments that involve office workers needing to go to a hazardous portion of a company, such as a warehouse, it’s important to make sure they are not physically, mentally, or emotionally overwhelmed.

Stress and fatigue can lead to issues surrounding overall health and even moments of injury and illness brought on by stress or being overworked. For businesses in this sense, it’s important to invest in effective regional business insurance coverage, such as business insurance CT, that can provide well-rounded protection from claims arising from work-related stress or injuries due to being fatigued, stressed, or overworked.

Having a workers’ compensation plan in place, for example, can protect a company from claims as well as make sure employees can operate throughout the season with peace of mind knowing the company they work for wants them to be safe and healthy in more ways than one.

Take a Breath

Employees and supervisors should be encouraged to step away from work throughout the day to take a breath, refocus, and get back to it. Even if you live to work, everyone needs a moment to gather their thoughts or just breathe in some fresh, non-recycled air. Supervisors should keep an eye on their employees to see if they’re getting too stressed or too drained and require them to step away and recharge.

Set Reasonable Goals

While meeting sales goals or reaching out to a certain number of potential clients is an important marker for businesses during the end of the year push, it’s also important to not be overextended. Offices should keep a realistic outlook on what they can get done and make sure to delegate accordingly. The holidays are a tricky time of year in that some people may be out of office and traveling. Be sure to understand what can get done and adjust accordingly.

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