Keep Your Workplace Safe from these Potential Holiday Claims

Keep Your Workplace Safe from these Potential Holiday ClaimsAs winter approaches, the potential for slips and falls can increase as employees track in snow, sleet, rain, mud, and more. What’s more, with the holiday season in full swing, distractions could play a role in performance and attention to detail, adding to the potential for other workplace injuries to occur.

It’s important for businesses, especially those in warehousing and distribution, to stress the importance of workplace health and safety. From slips and falls to lack of attention to detail, there are a number of ways in which companies and their employees can avoid different dangers and liabilities of the season.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

According to the National Safety Council, the manufacturing industry saw 22,040 injuries and 49 deaths in 2016 alone. These can be avoided by regular sweeps of corridors, floors, loading docks, and more to keep obstructions clear, such as wires, decorations, trash, and products. What’s more, keeping an eye on puddles, mud, snow, and other risks that come tracking in can help to keep people physically safe.

Snow, ice, and water should be removed as soon as they are discovered, especially in areas where people will be walking and working. Safety managers should consider providing new floor mats to stop snow and water from being tracked inside, cutting down on the potential for risks.

Covering Risks

Speaking of cutting down on liabilities, claims, and harm to employees, companies should be operating with a general liability policy, under a local business insurance CT plan. This kind of coverage can help to provide resources for businesses amid costly liability claims from those who become injured at work. It can also protect companies if a visitor or vendor steps on-site and becomes injured or sees potential liability issues. While being proactive and keeping all floors and corridors clean and clear, it’s even more important to operate with the right business insurance CT plan.

Being Fatigued

The holidays can run our energy into the ground. Between work, traveling, hosting family and friends, concerts, events, shopping, and more, it’s no surprise that some people feel a bit more tired than usual. As a result, fatigue can cause potential problems for the health and safety of not only the person who is tired at work but others around them.


We all have a lot on our plate during the holidays and employees may have something scheduled right after work. To get out on time, some employees may rush through their tasks, which can up the potential for risks to happen. It’s important for businesses and their leaders to encourage employees and supervisors to slow down and take their time to ensure that not only the work gets done correctly but that everyone is kept safe in the process.

Electrical Safety

Electrical incidents can see a rise during the winter months, especially around electrical fires. Thousands of people are treated for an electrical shock during the winter, or for being injured during a fire. These incidents are usually caused by carelessness or faulty wiring. Ensure that all lighting and wiring are undamaged inside a warehouse or office and be sure to not overload any sockets.

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