Essential Marketing Tips for CT Craft Breweries

The craft beer scene has seen exponential growth in recent years, making up more than $26 billion of overall U.S. beer sales in 2017. And while COVID-19 shut down visitor hours inside craft breweries, production hasn’t slowed down. This following has contributed to a rise in the number of breweries built across the country, putting the average American within 10 miles of a location. But while starting a craft brewery might seem naturally lucrative, there still needs to be some effort and attention given to marketing. CT craft breweries can use some helpful marketing tips to get their brand and brews out to the public with more awareness and more education around their products.

Here’s a list of some marketing tips for CT craft breweries that can bring some new customers and boost business.

Harness the Power of Social Media

If you’re only posting blurry pictures of glasses of beer every few days or close-up shots of your latest canned variety, you’re not using social media correctly. And with so many tools and options, including Instagram Live sessions to recruiting ideas using Tik-Tok and Snapchat, social media can help get the word out for free.

People follow companies on social media because they want to stay connected to the latest news and get a look at life behind the brew. Your social media pages are great places to put everything on display and connect to the public in unique ways. Hold chat sessions and Q&A’s on Facebook, upload images of your latest batch, and give users a first-hand look inside the brewery with short and fun clips. All these can help to connect you with the community and boost your brand.

Get Involved in Your Community

Another way you can connect with your community—even those who don’t drink beer or alcohol—is to get involved in local events and causes. And with COVID-19 making an impact in various ways, there’s never been a better time to help those around you.

Whether it’s a socially distanced farmer’s market or food drive for those in need, reach out to organizers to see how your brewery can make an appearance and a positive difference. But be sure to adhere to local guidelines around COVID-19 mandates and rules, and be sure not to play a role in spreading the virus. This could end up causing unique claims to be made and put your brewery in the center of unnecessary local controversy. However, implementing proper disinfecting and social distancing guidelines while interacting with your community can help any event you attend to boost your business.

To protect against most claims, utilizing Connecticut Brewery Insurance limits exposure to liabilities and costly issues. Having this coverage may not be a traditional marketing tip, but operating with it ensures your reputation is safer.

Leverage What Makes You Unique

There are many breweries out there, so it’s crucial to find out what makes you unique and use it to your advantage. Do you work with local artists or designers or use a rare ingredient in your latest ale? Find how you stand out from the crowd and market that to the masses. Anything truly unique is sure to grab the attention of a niche crowd.

Members Only

You can build hype around your product by starting a private membership club to grow your local fan base while bringing in more earnings. Many craft breweries use these membership clubs to release rare beers and promote upcoming collaborations.

Members can get select bottles of rare beers, tickets to exclusive events and deals, and chances to access the latest batch before anyone else. Local fans and members will love the sense of being in a club, and people who aren’t in the membership club will want to know what they’re missing out on.

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