Homeowners, These Popular Home Features Require Special Coverage

Homeowners, These Popular Home Features Require Special CoverageMany homeowners have high-risk assets and seek an adequate policy, and there are certain home features that will require you to obtain special coverages. There may be some features that you added to the home after moving in, which are more within your control, but may also need more coverage. You may also want to consider these particular home features when shopping for a new home.

If your home has any of these features or you are considering them, we strongly encourage you to go over your homeowners insurance policy with your Connecticut agent to make sure to you are properly covered.

Finished Basement

Adding any extra livable square footage to a home heightens the chance of damaged in the case of a flood, a busted pipe, or backed up sewage.  Speak to a homeowners insurance agent if you have added any livable space to your home.

Pool and Jacuzzi

Pools and hot tubs are a big liability, due to the added hazards that they hold. Extras such as diving boards or slides add even more liability and may require higher insurance protection.

Oil Heating

Oil heating systems are common in older homes. Because the oil tank uses a highly flammable substance, a simple leak in the tank could create major environmental damage, therefore necessitating extra coverage. If you are not keen on adding coverage, converting to a different style will lower your premiums.

Electrical Systems

Old electrical systems have wires that are more likely to cause a fire and aren’t always able to handle the amount of electricity the average homeowner currently uses. Consider updating outdated electrical system for the safety of your home or to keep added coverages at a minimum.

Wooden Shake Roof

Wooden roofs can give a unique look that many individuals look for in a home. They can also last longer than other styles if they are kept up. However, they are prone to mold and are not fire-resistant, therefore requiring special coverage.

Custom Work

Custom-designed work may be a feature that you admire most about your home. Unfortunately, these items can be extremely expensive to replace. Special features such as these require protection.


Lead piping can be corrosive and is likely to leak, therefore normally requiring an addition to the homeowner’s insurance policy so you’re protected from water damage.

Fireplaces or Wood-Burning Stoves

Fireplaces and wood burning stoves are lovely and many times preferred, although they increase the chances of damage. Both of these features may require special coverages.


Decks are known to need repaired or replaced in the event of a claim. Additional coverage may be necessary for adequate protection.


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