How to Prevent Golf Carts from Catching Fire

Recreational Electric Vehicles such as golf carts are an eco-friendly transportation option on and off the golf course. As these types of EVs become increasingly popular, it is essential to recognize potential fire hazards involving battery damage, charging accidents, and malfunctions.

Golf Carts Can Catch Fire If You Do Not Take Precautions

Here are some key things you should do to protect your golf cart against the most common fire causes. 

Replace Golf Cart Batteries As Necessary

As the batteries that golf carts age, they begin to perform less efficiently, and charges tend to last for less time than they previously stayed gradually. Older batteries commonly release moderate amounts of hydrogen, a highly combustible element. It is advisable to replace batteries as they lose efficiency, and hydrogen hazards pose a greater risk. Hydrogen-related battery fires have prompted some HOAs and condominium associations to require residents to carry golf cart insurance with liability coverage.

A replacement may be overdue if you’ve been using the same battery for longer than its projected lifespan. You should replace a battery if you have observed any wear on its casing or connection terminals. If damage to a battery results from an accident, golf cart insurance coverage could help you get a replacement.

Do Not Charge Golf Carts Indoors

When you charge a vehicle in a closed, unventilated area, the possibility of an incendiary event increases significantly. It is partly because the hydrogen gas that batteries can emit will be more concentrated in a confined space. Rather than charging your cart in a closed garage, charge it in an open, ventilated area.

Mitigate Exposure to Salt Water

Golf cart owners in coastal areas must be mindful of the potential damage that prolonged exposure to salt can have on mechanical and electrical equipment. Submergence in salt water is not the only way this type of damage occurs. A high concentration of salt through the air in locations that have close proximity to the ocean makes carts’ components oxidate and rust rapidly.

Rust and corrosion can cause batteries to emit flammable liquids or gasses. The corrosive buildup itself could also ignite with a single spark.

Do Not Leave a Golf Cart Charging Indefinitely

Can golf carts catch fire if you leave them charging for too long? Ultimately, it can. A fire can erupt if someone has connected the cart to an outlet and not checked on it. A power surge could send high voltage coursing through the cart’s battery and electrical system. The longer a golf cart charges, the greater the risk of sustaining a power surge.

In addition, leaving batteries charging for a prolonged period could make them overheat, destabilizing the contents and potentially causing a leak. Intense heat could also make the metal on the battery terminals expand. A battery can shift out of alignment in its housing, and an imperfect connection dramatically raises the risk of combustion. 

Lastly, make it a point to arrange regular inspections and maintenance for your golf cart. Routine service can prevent fire hazards, keep you safe, and protect your property.

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